DJ Khaled Finally Reveals Who ‘They’ Are On Ellen

Khaled on Ellen

Major key alert: The king of Snapchat DJ Khaled made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday to break down his keys to success and motivational phrases.

Khaled talked a mile a minute the entire interview that even Ellen had a hard time keeping up, “There’s so many things you say in just a minute,” she said. “That’s why Snapchat is so good for you ’cause you have so many ideas and they just come out so fast.”

The music mogul, producer, and artist has risen to popularity for his over-the-top videos to he posts on Snapchat on a daily basis that feature him tipping his house keeper in stacks of hundred dollar bills, moisturizing his face, getting a haircut, and more amusing antics.

Check out the full interview below!

Ellen did finally get Khaled to reveal who “they” are—Khaled often refers to a group of people who don’t want us to win. It’s probably been the greatest mystery of all his keys as he keeps us constantly guessing who “they” are.

“Please Ellen stay away from ‘they’…’they’ is the person that told you you would never have The Ellen Show, ‘they’ are the people that don’t believe in you, that say that you wont succeed.”

Khaled had even hinted that ‘they’ didn’t want him on The Ellen Show, posting messages a few days before the appearance.

After explaining how to turn no’s into yes’s, the mogul even proceeded to post a Snapchat in middle of show, proving he is indeed the king of the social media platform.

Watch our Much Minute of DJ Khaled below!