DNCE Drop Dance-Friendly Jam ‘Body Moves’


It’s difficult to remember a time when Joe Jonas’ supergroup DNCE and their breakout smash “Cake By The Ocean” didn’t rule the airwaves. The peppy little song that could hasn’t slowed down since it was first released in 2015, but surprisingly, the band has yet to drop their debut album.

After a number of false starts, pushed back dates and another solid single with “Toothbrush,” DNCE have now confirmed that their first disc will be available before the end of the year and will feature the brand new single “Body Moves.”

The high energy track is a little bit Michael Jackson, a little bit Daft Punk, a touch of “Uptown Funk,” and a beat just begging to be danced to. Whatever way you like to move your body, “Body Moves” is going to be a great backing track.

We’re not the only people feeling DNCE’s new track. Jonas brother Nick posted a video showing that you can move your body and smoke a cigar at the same time while listening to “Body Moves.” But we don’t recommend the latter.

DNCE’s self titled debut album is set to drop November 18.