DNCE Release A Party-Friendly Lyric Video For ‘Cake By The Ocean’

Cake By The Ocean Lyric Main

If you’re like the rest of us and you’re unable to stop listening to DNCE’s new song Cake By The Ocean, this blog isn’t going to help.

The newly-formed foursome DNCE, made up of frontman Joe Jonas, drummer Jack Lawless, bassist Cole Whittel, and guitarist JinJoo Lee have just released the party-friendly lyric video for their catchy first single.

Driving through New York City and stopping to play their new song at an underground show, the lyric video may be free from actual-cake, but we’re still getting cravings for more music from DNCE.

Jonas told MTV that the song’s title was inspired by Swedish DJs who continually confused the drink ‘Sex On The Beach’ with ‘Cake By The Ocean’, but Much writer Melody has a different theory. Someone in DNCE was really, really into the Season 1 finale of Girls.


Check out DNCE’s lyric video to Cake By The Ocean, not Sex On The Beach, below.