Don’t Blink! Split Second A-List Cameos You May Have Missed

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You’re watching your favourite show like you’ve done every night. You know these characters like the back of your hand. Their hair, their mannerisms, their faces, but wait who was that guy? Isn’t that an incredibly famous actor who is casually in the scene for 4 and a half seconds with little to no recognition?! Why yes, yes it is.

Turns out this happens more than you might think. We’ve gathered up the best ones that we nearly missed due to well…blinking.

Coldplay’s Will Champion in Game Of Thrones

You may know him as the drummer from Coldplay but for a mere 4 and a half seconds he got to shine in Game of Thrones as well, still a drummer. Meh, some things never change.

Chris Hemsworth in Home and Away

Sometimes you’re just hanging out in Summer Bay with your friends and Chris Hemsworth decides he’s gonna nonchalantly eat a burger behind you without saying anything. Chris credits the Australian soap opera for the start of his career, so what better way to say thanks than to show up in the background for a good 10 seconds?


Conan O’Brien in How I Met your Mother

Oh Barney Stinson, you and your hilarious antics… woah wait isn’t that the host of a beloved talk show?! Yup, for a brief 2 seconds if you pay close attention you’ll see Conan O’Brien himself just casually trying to blend into the background with the HIMYM extras. Pffft, nice try Conan. As if we wouldn’t recognize that hair a mile away.

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Will Ferrell in 30 Rock

In case you’ve ever wanted to see Will Ferrell in a mock reality show called “Bitch Hunter”, 30 Rock has you covered. For a whole 9 Mississippi’s we get to see Will harness his inner action-drama star during this extremely brief cameo. It’s worth every second.

John Lithgow in 30 Rock

Speaking of 30 Rock, John Lithgow doesn’t make just one ridiculously minor cameo, but two! When he gets ‘lost’ in the 30 Rockefeller building he asks Liz Lemon for directions, and then makes another appearance at the end of the episode. Add that together and that’s an entire 24 seconds of screen time. Now THAT’S how to make good use of an actor!

Community’s Danny Pudi in Cougar Town

Remember that episode of Community where Abed talks about being an extra on his beloved Cougar Town? Well he wasn’t kidding. For an entire 51 seconds we can see Danny Pudi’s character in the corner of a scene in Cougar Town. This may be the best thing that’s ever happened on television.

Cougar Town’s Busy Phillips and Dan Byrd on Community

Making cross-over history, the same Travis and Laurie seen above can also be caught cheering on our friends at Greendale. Anyone else get stupidly excited about the fact that these shows love each other?

Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig in Girls

We’re all aware of Ezra Koenig’s angelic voice but what about if the universe threw him an acting gig? For a whopping 27 seconds he gets to put that question to the test during an episode of Girls, and the result is… actually pretty good!

Adam Sandler in Brooklyn nine nine

In case you thought Adam Sandler’s comedy career was on a down slope you may want to refer to this 22 seconds of him sassing Andy Samberg’s character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Let us assure you it is pure gold.

Cate Blanchett in Hot Fuzz

(We know, we know. Technically this one is from a movie but it was so odd it just had to be mentioned.)

Cate Blanchett is clearly an amazing actress, so what better way to showcase her talent than to put her behind a mask and give her less than a minute of screen time. In Hot Fuzz she plays Nicholas’s girlfriend, Janine, and was completely covered head to toe the whole time! At least her eyes looked really great though.