Don’t Sit In Silence Waiting For New Music From Carly Rae Jepsen

After skyrocketing to international fame thanks to a little song called Call Me Maybe and a few tweets from Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen is preparing to release the follow up to her 2012 album Kiss.

Information about Jepsen’s next album has been steadily trickling in over the past month. Photos began to surface of Jepsen on location in New York this week shooting her video for I Really Like You, with the single slated to be released next month. The music video looks like it will be featuring cameos from Jepsen’s longtime friend and supporter the Biebs, as well as Tom Hanks. Impressive.

As for what the album will sound like, according to Jepsen’s Instagram, she’s been in the studio recording new material with Tegan and Sara. Excuse us for a moment while our CanCon hearts explode. Um, did you hear Heartthrob? Or any other piece of music ever released by the T&S? Add that to Jepsen’s own impressive track record of well-written pop songs and this is a trio made in Juno Awards heaven.

In addition to her fellow Canadian songstresses, Carly Rae has also been in the studio with Jack Antonoff of fun., The Bleachers, and Taylor Swift’s Out of The Woods. Dude knows how to make quality pop music.

Add all of these factors together and you’ve got a contender for most anticipated pop album of the year. We’re already deleting Apps on our phone to make sure we’ve got room to pre-order everything CRJ releases.

Jepsen is a bona fide talent, something that’s been evident since we first saw her audition on Canadian Idol. Look at how nice the judges are to her. That’s not them being Canadian. That’s them recognizing talent.

So yeah, we could just sit around and wait until Jepsen and co. release whatever magic is being cooked up in the studio, or we could use our time wisely and do what the entire world should have done in 2012 when Kiss was released. Blast the sh*t out of it.

Call Me Maybe is one of the biggest songs of all time and rightly so. It’s catchy, it’s well written, and it makes people happy just to hear it. But it was also the only song on Jepsen’s last album that achieved any real success.

Jepsen teamed up with Owl City for the infectious duet Good Time, which recaptured some of the magic from Call Me Maybe, but really didn’t do much in terms of showing the versatility Jepsen is capable with her music.

Following Good Time, Jepsen released Curiosity and the album’s title track Kiss, with both singles doing moderately well on the charts, but nowhere near the insane success of Call Me Maybe.

Then Jepsen released Tonight I’m Getting Over You and we thought, here it is. Call Me Maybe 2.0 for the clubs. Think the Since U Been Gone meets We Found Love. It seemed like this was going to be the next wave of CRJ world domination.

But it wasn’t. Then came the remix with Nicki Minaj. Tell us a song where Nicki has been more on-point with her rhymes AND been radio-friendly. Tell us. We’ll wait. We’re waiting. Right, moving on.

Unfortunately, not much came of Tonight I’m Getting Over You or the remix. It didn’t get a lot of radio play and was largely missed by music fans. How this song failed to permanently rid Jepsen of the ‘one hit wonder’ tag we’ll never know. The lyrics are beautiful and relatable, the song is catchy, the beat is banging, and the video is sexy and visually impressive. What more can you ask for?

Thankfully, Jepsen is on the verge of debuting new material. With the support of the Biebs and his rehabbed image we hope that this time around the entire album and not just one single gets the recognition it deserves.

But don’t sit around in silence waiting for Carly Rae’s next album. Go back to Tonight I’m Getting Over You, turn up the volume and dance your heart out.