Drake Restores Our Faith In Humanity In ‘God’s Plan’ Music Video

Remember those reports about Drake gifting a Miami high school with $25,000? Or dropping $50,000 on groceries? It turns out the Canadian rapper’s generous donations were all part of a bigger, overarching plan. God’s Plan, if you will.

Drake’s brand new “God’s Plan” music video follows the 6 God as he makes his way around Miami and gives away thousands of dollars to supermarket attendees, students, and families. It opens with several title cards explaining that Drake and his team gave away the video’s entire $996,631.90 budget and gradually warms our hearts as scenes of Drake surprising Miami residents with giant cheques, shopping sprees, and new cars unfold on screen. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown also makes a surprise appearance in the video, grinning and grooving by Drake’s side as they walk through an empty Saks Fifth Avenue department store.

Drake teased the video in an Instagram post earlier this week, dubbing it “the most important thing I have ever done in my career.” And after watching “God’s Plan” in its entirety, it’s clear that he wasn’t exaggerating. Even before Drake starts giving things away, the people of Miami seem genuinely touched by his unexpected visit. When Drake does give money away—to a deserving mother and son, for example—their visceral, emotional reactions provide more than enough evidence as to the lasting and meaningful impact his donations will have.


The video was produced by Director X, an acclaimed Toronto-based content creator who has collaborated with Drake for several years (he’s the one we have to thank for Drizzy’s infamous “Hotline Bling” music video) as well as Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and Fifth Harmony. The video was directed by fellow Torontonian and Director X “protégé” Karena Evans.

In the video, Evans purposefully and prominently highlights the students, children, elders, and parents who make up and contribute to Miami’s diverse community. And while “God’s Plan” does, admittedly, focus on Drake and his varying acts of kindness, Evans deliberately closes out the video with shots of Miami residents proudly standing together and looking directly into the camera.

“God’s Plan” has already reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but we have a feeling Drake’s new video will help keep it there a little while longer. Check out the full video below.