12 Essential Drake Tracks To Get Hyped For The NBA Finals

For the first time in franchise history the Toronto Raptors have made it to the NBA finals. It’s been a record-breaking season for the team, both in the franchise and the league. For Raptors fans, this moment is long awaited. In the team’s 24-year existence they’ve only been in the playoffs 10 times and they’ve never made it past the Eastern Conference Final—until now.

And throughout this playoff season, the 6ix God has been courtside. Never shy to express his support of the team, Drake was named the Raptors’ Global Ambassador and earlier this year the team’s training facility was renamed in honour of the rapper. To prepare for the first game tonight, we compiled the best songs by Drizzy to get you ready to cheer them on. Whether you’re watching from home, Jurassic Park, inside the arena, or elsewhere, these tracks are sure to put you in the mood for this momentous occasion.


“Underdog” – Comeback Season (2007)

This track from Drake’s second mixtape speaks for itself. The Raptors have been considered underdogs throughout this playoff season, so this track is perfect to get into that “you shouldn’t have doubted us” mood.

Most hype lyric: “I ain’t never been nothin’ but a underdog / And I ain’t gonna never let a n—– hold me under dog.”


“Thank Me Now” – Thank Me Later (2010)

Fans were devastated when the Raptors traded DeMar DeRozan prior to the 2018-2019 season. But the team received Kawhi Leonard in return, and regardless of your opinion of the trade, it’s hard to deny Leonard’s part in the Raptors reaching the finals. So take this track as a moment to thank this star player.

Most hype lyric: “You can thank me now for all the info I give to you n—– / I’m on the brink of influential, I’m here for you n—–.”


“Crew Love” – Take Care (2011)

This Drake x The Weeknd collab is about the whole crew. Replace the girls with fans and the consider the Raptors the crew. Just listen and remember your love for this team and be proud of them.

Most hype lyric: “But seeing my family have it all / Took the place of that desire for diplomas on the wall.”


“Started From the Bottom” – Nothing Was the Same (2013)

Sit back and reminisce on the Raptors journey to the finals. From their debut in 1995 until now, what song could be more fitting for this moment?

Most hype lyric: “Started from the bottom, now we’re here / Started from the bottom, now my whole team fuckin’ here.”


“Worst Behavior” – Nothing Was the Same (2013)

This one’s for all Toronto fans who have been ridiculed over this city’s sports teams. For all the years Toronto fans endured the humiliation of losing. The Raptors have finally redeemed Toronto. No one’s ridiculing us now.

Most hype lyric: “On my worst behaviour, no? / They used to never want to hear us (dun know).”


“Trophies” – Young Money: Rise of an Empire (2014)

The Raptors just won the Eastern Conference, so this seems to be fitting. Whether the Raptors win or lose the final, remember they still walk away from this season with a trophy. The Raptors had an unbelievable season, and as Drizzy says at the end of the track “they don’t have no award for that.”

Most hype lyric: “Bitch I go to Dreams with a suitcase / I got my whole country on a new wave.”


“0 to 100 / The Catch Up” (2014)

Much like “Started From the Bottom” this song is a perfect representation of the Raptors’ history. This was a team that went from 0 to 100, and even though it took them until 2019, they caught up to their opponents. This is the kind of song to get you pumped to cheer your boys on Thursday night. Drake also name drops the Raptors and Steph Curry, so it had to be included.

Most hype lyric: “If I haven’t passed you yet, watch me catch up now, forreal.”


“Jumpman” – What a Time to Be Alive (2015)

This Drake x Future track is simply just a good pump-up track before the game. Savour the excitement and rush of this year’s NBA finals. And if you feel so inclined, chant “Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman” if you’re at the game.

Most hype lyric: “I just seen the jet take off they up to something / Them boys just not bluffing them boys just not bluffing.”


“Keep the Family Close” – Views (2016)

Toronto fans treat their teams like family. You’ve got to consider a team like the Maple Leafs family if you still love them despite their 52-year Stanley Cup drought. So remember this love for the Raptors and to keep loving them no matter who wins this year’s championship.

Most hype lyric: “Always saw you for what you could have been.”


Still Here – Views (2016)

The Raptors have been knocked out of the playoffs every time they’ve played in them. But not this time. Despite their continued losses and the fans who may have turned their backs on the team, they’re Still Here. Be proud of that and remember that resilience with this track.

Most hype lyric: “Blew up and I’m in the city still, I’m still here, dawg.”


Glow – More Life (2017)

After 24 years the Raptors are ready to shine, and “Glow” perfectly encapsulates that moment. This one is for anyone who doubted the Raptors. So play this one for all the haters out there, because this one’s for them.

Most hype lyric: “Watch out for me, I’m ‘bout to glow / You better watch out for me, I’m ‘bout to glow.”


“Nonstop” – Scorpion (2018)

Golden State has been in the NBA finals the last four years, and they’ve won three of those. They are definitely going to give the Raptors a challenge. But this song is to give you hope that the Raptors come out champions.

Most hype lyric: “Catch me ‘cause I’m goin’ outta there, I’m gone / How I go from 6 to 23 like I’m Lebron?”