Drake And 21 Savage’s Video For ‘Sneakin’ Isn’t Anything We Haven’t Seen


With four studio albums, two mix tapes, and one EP, Drake has amassed an impressive and groundbreaking videography of some of the most influential music videos ever made. The former child star has made it cool to be a rapper from Canada, showed off his religious upbringing by re-creating his bar mitzvah, and turned hokey dance moves into the biggest viral sensation of 2015, thanks to “Hotline Bling.”

Even with all of the barriers Drake has broken down and advances he’s made in what it means and looks like to be a rapper and artist, there still seems to be a big part of him that just wants to make a traditional rap music video. That means flashy cars, fur coats, big chains and pointing the male gaze directly at half-naked women.

We’ve seen all of these things in previous videos released by Drake, but for the most part there has been room to make an argument for a deeper meaning or purpose to the music videos. That’s not the case with Drake’s latest video for “Sneakin,’” which dropped today.

The first single from his upcoming mix tape More Life, “Sneakin’” features Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. In the new video, the two men check off all the necessary visuals to complete a stereotypical and ultimately forgettable rap music video. Confirming their baller status, Drake and 21 Savage spend the video stunting in front of expensive cars while wearing big furs and even bigger chains. The rest of the video is comprised of women twerking and wrestling in a grotto. The women’s faces are rarely shown, with their roles reduced to one body part.

“Sneakin'” includes a last ditch attempt to make the video ‘artistic’ by simply throwing a lo-fi filter over many of the scenes, when all this really accomplishes is making a bad video even more difficult to watch.

An artist who is often hailed as creating a new, safe space for women in hip hop, Drake is often given a pass on harmful tracks and music videos. But for all of his progressive and romantic lyrics, Drake has just as many lines and visuals that are demeaning and misogynistic.

The new video is unfortunately another misstep made by Drizzy in the past few weeks. On the same day he announced the December release of More Life on his OVO Beats 1 radio show, Drake also premiered three new tracks in addition to “Sneakin.’” On the song “Two Birds One Stone,” Drake responded to a beef with Kid Cudi, making light of Cudi’s recent admission of suicidal thoughts and admittance to a rehab facility for depression.

You can click here to watch “Sneakin'” by Drake and Savage 21, but it isn’t anything you haven’t seen before.