Drake, Taylor Swift And More Musician And Director Duos Nailing Music Videos Today


When it comes to musicians and their music videos, finding the right director to visually depict a song can be difficult. That’s why when musicians and directors click, it’s not uncommon to see the duos work together time after time.

Today we’re looking at musician and director duos who together are making history in the form of music videos. Many, many music videos.

Artist: SonReal
Director: Peter Huang
Number of Videos Together: 6
Best Video: “For The Town”

West coast rapper SonReal had been slugging it out in the hip hop world for years, releasing an incredible number of mixtapes and albums. But in 2013, SonReal’s hustle paid off when the artist took his insanely catchy track “Everywhere We Go” and teamed up with director Peter Huang for an ode to Napoleon Dynamite. Since then, the pair have gone on to release more hilarious and visual groundbreaking videos featuring the straight-faced rapper, including “L.A.,” “Whoa Nilly” and “For The Town.”

Artist: Drake
Director: Director X
Number of Videos Together: 5
Best Video: “Started From The Bottom”

Director X has been behind some of the most iconic music videos of the 2000s, including Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous” and Nelly’s “Hot In Herre,” so it should come as no surprise that teaming up with fellow Torontonian Drake has resulted in a number of the rapper’s best videos. From recreating Drake’s bat mitzvah in “HYFR” to ballin’ in Shoppers Drug Mart in “Started From The Bottom” to Drizzy meme-ing his way through “Hotline Bling,” we know that when these two get together, the 6 God(s) make magic happen.

Artist: Gwen Stefani
Director: Sohpie Muller
Number of Videos Together: 10
Best Video: “Make Me Like You”

Gwen Stefani and Sophie Muller definitely take home the award for longest career friendship. The two artists have been working together since the 1990s to create a visual history of pop music. In addition to the ten videos shot with Gwen Stefani as a solo artist, director Sophie Muller is also the mastermind behind eight of No Doubt’s biggest videos, including “Don’t Speak.” Their most recent achievement includes shooting the “Make Me Like You” music video live during the 2016 Grammy Awards. Thanks to its $8 million airtime during the show and $4 million production budget, the single-take clip comes in at one of the most expensive music videos ever made.

Artist: Taylor Swift
Director: Joseph Kahn
Number of Videos Together: 4
Best Video: “Bad Blood”

The partnership of Taylor Swift and director Joseph Kahn has produced some of the most over-the-top, big-budget blockbusters of the past three years. The duo spare no production cost when it comes to fighting the elements or dividing super models into teams of assassins. Swift is one of the few A-list artists left that still treats music videos like a premiere event, and thanks to Kahn’s Hollywood visions, every addition to their shared discography is worthy of a red carpet.

Artist: Ed Sheeran
Director: Emil Nava
Number of Videos Together: 9
Best Video: “Thinking Out Loud”

Taylor Swift isn’t the only person Ed Sheeran has kept in close contact with throughout his rise to stardom. The singer/songwriter has continued to collaborate with director Emil Nava for both of his studio albums, a move that we totally understand considering the duo’s track record. Starting in 2011 with “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” the pair have continued to push one another artistically, rescuing angels in “Give Me Love,” trading Sheeran for Rupert Grint in “Lego House,” trading Sheeran for a puppet in “Sing,” and taking over the ballroom in “Thinking Out Loud.” We never know what a video from Ed Sheeran and Emil Nava is going to look like, but we always know we’re going to love it.

Artist: Ariana Grande
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Number of Videos Together: 5
Best Video: “Love Me Harder”

Ariana Grande may sport the same ponytail in almost all of her videos, but thanks to director Hannah Lux Davis, each Grande single has a completely different look. The two artists have traveled through the desert in “Into You,” hopped on top of a skyscraper in “Bang Bang,” and most recently, helped increase attendance in spin classes with “Side To Side.” But their biggest achievement was the romantic and sultry video for “Love Me Harder,” a single that helped cement the solo careers of both Ariana and The Weeknd.

Artist: The Weeknd
Director: Grant Singer
Number of Videos Together: 4
Best Video: “Can’t Feel My Face”

The Weeknd and Grant Singer are a match made in slow motion, bloody heaven. The two artists have created the perfect pairing of heavily filtered visuals and moody music, but it was the duo’s showcasing of The Weeknd’s Michael Jackson-esque moves in “Can’t Feel My Face” that proved they aren’t one-trick ponies.

Artist: Rihanna
Director: Anthony Mandler
Number of Videos Together: 15
Best Video: “Diamonds”

Director Anthony Mandler has been with Rihanna since her second album, 2006’s A Girl Like Me. The two have gone dark and deep with videos for “Unfaithful” and “Man Down,” but have also let loose in some of Rihanna’s most joyful videos, including “Don’t Stop The Music” and “Only Girl In The World.” But with 2013’s “Diamonds,” the duo hit the jackpot—showcasing all sides of Rihanna. Strong and sexy, vulnerable and open, “Diamonds” is s layered, nuanced and visually stunning piece of work.