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What We Know About Drake’s Views From The 6


In less than two weeks, Drake will release his fourth studio album to the world Apple Music subscribers.

The closer we get to the release date of Views From The 6, the more we realize we don’t know that much about the album. Will it carry the same vibes as the chart-topping Work? Will he be continuing his successful formula of creating instant-hit bangers? Why not both? With the project set to release on April 29, we’re gonna round up everything we know so far regarding the new album from The 6 God.

Thanks to his $19 million deal with Apple, Drake has been able to use their Beats 1 radio platform on Apple Music to promote himself and other fellow label-mates through his OVO Sound Radio, a weekly segment on the platform. He previously used his radio show to release the songs Right Hand, Hotline Bling, and the two Meek Mill diss tracks, Charged Up and Back to Back.

On January 30, Drake premiered the lead single from Views From The 6, Summer Sixteen. The song goes undoubtedly hard and gave us the Drake we’ve come to expect in recent years: abrasive, aggressive, boastful. At the end of the episode, Drake revealed that the album would be coming in April of 2016, (4/16, 4-1-6, get it?), but didn’t provide an exact date.

Fans went nearly two months without any news or new material on the project. Then on March 29, two songs leaked online, Controlla and a collaboration with Babeo Baggins, Things I Forgot To Do. Both songs convey very laid back vibes, the latter being a cover of Nico’s 1967 song These Days. In an interview with Pitchfork, future collaborator Kyla revealed that the two songs were supposed to be on Views From The 6

But who is Kyla? Well, on April 5, Drake released two songs said to be singles from the album, Pop Style and One Dance. With both songs having completely different tones and their covers being opposite colours of each other, the rumours started sparking that Drizzy could be going for a larger album, perhaps two discs.


Four days later, Drake returned with another episode of OVO Sound Radio, this one with even more news regarding Views From The 6. Drake wasted almost no time in announcing that the album would be released on April 29, just barely fitting into his April time frame. He didn’t stop there. “It’s not a short ting,” Drake said. “I promise you’ll have your full share of Drake music for the summer, for a year, and for forever.”

As the episode concluded, Drake posted a video on his social media accounts, something that could only be explained as a “trailer” for the album. The post was accompanied with nothing but the release date, and the hashtag #VIEWS. The hype continues to build.

The latest update came on Monday. Skepta, co-founder of the UK collective and record label Boy Better Know (BBK), revealed that he and Drake have been working on a track that he believes will be featured on Drake’s album. This isn’t far-fetched as the two have been close for quite some time and Drake is now a confirmed member of BBK. Skepta announced the rumoured collaboration during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio (sound familiar?) You can check out his full interview below, and skip to the nine minute mark for Drake-related news.

Then there was the Drake pop up shop. Keeping it mysterious, Drake announced via Twitter that there would be a VIEWS pop-up shop in New York City, powered by Beats 1 (they’re really pushing the promotion for this album). Over 800 people showed up before 4 p.m, when the store was scheduled to open, and were treated to a free black or white t-shirt which read “VIEWS”. Some fans speculated that the inside of the store would feature some sort of hints about the album, or even that Drake would be waiting inside, but no luck.

The simple shirts share the same contrast of the One Dance and Pop Style single covers, and some assume this VIEWS text-based logo which is rumored to be the final cover for the album.

But in terms of an album cover, a photo began circulating online in mid-January which some believed was a photo-shoot for the album’s cover. The image showed people on a rooftop, with Drake sitting on a ledge. A camera was mounted next to him, presumably getting a shot of Drake and the CN Tower behind him.

Though all of this seems like a lot of news, there is still no official cover, no track-list, no pre-order, or confirmed features. Drake likes keeping it mysterious, so perhaps fans must listen to the next episode of OVO Sound Radio to get more exclusive information as we near closer to the album’s release date.

Less than two weeks, and we are still waiting on information about this long-awaited album. There are too many questions, and not nearly enough answers. Drizzy loves to keep his fans on their toes and keep them guessing, and thus far, he’s done a great job.