Drooool…Hollywood Meets Irresistible Desserts In This Beautiful Photo Series


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Header - Hollyfood

This gorgeous photo series has us wanting more from our movie concession snacks. Hollyfood, created by the incrdibly creative photographer Nicolas Knepper, takes some of the most drool-worthy foods and casts them as the stars of Hollywood’s greatest visual creations. From Breaking Bad‘s Walt and Jesse cooking little pastries to a poor soul bring pulled into a fig Sarlacc from Star Wars, these photos are guaranteed to make you smile.

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Nicolas’ other work also showcases the whimsy of miniatures. The Boys In The Food series features little miniature people at work on cakes and macarons. Little Pleasure features scenes of people at leisure skiing down a brioche and nude sunbathing on an Ile Flottante.

Check out more of his work at his website here.

Baking Bad – Chouquette au sucre cristal


Scène de cream – Cheesecake with berry coulis


Cereal Killer – Cereal


Jaws – Vanilla & strawberry macaron


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – King Cake


Les orfèvres- Champagne macaron with gold foil


My Precious – Donut


The Macaron Is Making Me Angry – Pistachio Macaron


Dessert Is A Dish Best Served Cold – Choux au citron