dvsn’s Best Remixes


The dvsn duo consisting of R&B vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 have been gaining more and more recognition on the musical forefront lately. The Toronto natives originally started gaining fame when they caught the eyes of Drake. The 6 God blessed them by playing their hit single, “With Me,” on Episode 7 of OVO Sound Radio in 2015. Just shortly into the new year,  dvsn was signed to Drizzy’s record label, OVO Sound.

Since then, the boys have been busy. They dropped their first studio album, Sept 5th, back in March, and have been touring as the opening act for Drake and Future on their Summer Sixteen Tour. They also dropped a brand new single yesterday on OVO Sound Radio called “Dear Summer Sixteen.”

But what dvsn is most arguably known for is their remixes. The harmonizing vocals of Daley and the minimalist skew on the beat by Nineteen85 is what brought the duo together in the first place.

Here are the top dvsn remixes that you need to hear.

“Faithful (Extended Version)” By Drake ft Pimp C & dvsn

The duo made a guest appearance on the original track but decided to take it a step further and double the length of the song, adding their own touch in the second half. The new extended remix slows down the tempo, adding a chyme-like back beat. Daley sings a sensual outro verse, getting us all up in our feelings.

“Godspeed” By Frank Ocean

One of the hit tracks off Frank Ocean’s Blonde, “Godspeed” is known for its dramatic instrumentals and gospel like sound. Dvsn stayed faithful to this calming vibe, adding a soft dance back beat and having Daley sing a quick verse in-between harmonizing with Ocean. The combination of Ocean and Daley’s soft vocals is the perfect fit.

“Let’s Get It On” By Marvin Gaye

This song ultimately takes the cake for the hottest R&B song ever. dvsn stayed true to the bedroom vibes, making the beat even more sensual—did you think that was even possible!? Daley’s lingering vocals repeat the chorus, harmonizing with Gaye over a shadowy back beat. You can go ahead and add this one to that special playlist.

“One In A Million” By Aaliyah

dvsn paid respect to Aaliyah by singing along with her over a slower tempo. Daley also seamlessly mixed in lyrics from Prince’s iconic track,”Purple Rain,” giving his modern touch on ’90s R&B classics.

Also be sure to check out dvsn’s hit single, “Hallucinations,” from Sept 5th below.