Dwayne Johnson And Lin-Manuel Miranda Made ‘Millenials: The Musical’ And It’s Amazing


Two of undoubtedly the busiest men in Hollywood in 2016 are Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Johnson earned this year’s People Magazine title as Sexiest Man Alive thanks to his starring roles in Central Intelligence, Ballers, and the new animated Disney film Moana, as well as filming Baywatch, Jumanji and Fast 8, which will all be released in 2017.

Miranda has become one of the biggest stars of 2016 following the success of his groundbreaking Broadway show Hamilton, his hosting gig on SNL, writing the music for Disney’s Moana, and most recently, last night’s highly anticipated guest host on Drunk History (watch the hilarious episode here). Miranda will also be writing the music for the upcoming live-remake of The Little Mermaid as well as starring Mary Poppins sequel.

So yeah, they’re both really busy.

Still, Miranda and Johnson managed to find the time to write, create and release a new online musical called Millenials: The Musical. Why would they do this? How did they find the time? When do they sleep? What are we doing with our own lives?

We don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but we do know that we loved Millenials: The Musical. Coming in just under 15 minutes, the online musical follows 22 year-old New Yorker Crystal, who has tragically lost her phone. She didn’t lose it in a tragic ways, it’s just tragic that she lost it.

Crystal enlists the help of her very unplugged, very hunky next door neighbor Jack, and the two make their way through an evening filled with every Millenial reference that can fit into 15 minutes on the internet. There’s start ups, artisanal items (stuff you would normally buy, but it costs a lot more), dating apps, Soul Cycle, dabbing, drugs, and selfies. Of course there’s selfies.

Millenials: The Musical is a sweet love story about life in 2016, with the moral of the story centering about balancing social media and existing IRL.

So, what did we do to deserve this new musical from the genius mind of Lin-Manuel Miranda (and some help from Dwayne Johnson)? We don’t know, but we’re hashtag blessed.