Dwayne Johnson Reimagines A Holiday Favourite With ‘Twas The Night Before Rockmas’


There are few areas of showbiz left which Dwayne Johnson has yet to conquer, and this week he checked ‘holiday-themed storytelling’ off his list. Posted to his YouTube channel, Johnson’s latest video is an animated retelling of The Night Before Christmas, but in Johnson’s world, it’s Twas the Night Before Rockmas. Guess who plays Santa?

In Johnson’s retelling of the Christmas story, his character Rockmas must fight all of the on-screen characters Johnson has played, including his Ballers character Spencer Strasmore, his upcoming Baywatch role as Mitch Buchannon and his animated Moana character Maui. If Johnson’s actual goal with this Christmas video was to impress us with the variety of roles he’s played—mission accomplished.

The Rockmas enjoys cheat meals, saves Christmas and even gets to hang out with Johnson’s real-life pup.

Many of Johnson’s friends and co-stars pop up in the story, including Lilly Singh, Zac Efron, Kevin Hart, and Seth Rogen, who gets a really bad rap in this Christmas tale. We’re not sure we’re onboard with this part of the story.

This week’s new holiday video is the latest venture in Johnson’s ever-growing career. In November, Johnson and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda teamed up to release a musical on YouTube called “Millenials: The Musical.” We’re not sure how or why two of Hollywood’s busiest entertainers created the video, but we’re glad they did.

Check out Twas the Night Before Rockmas if you’re ready to crush Christmas.