Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Released His Own Alarm Clock App


Is there anything that The Rock can’t do? He wrestles, he acts, he makes backpacks, he motivates, he wears fanny packs. The list really does go on.

Now Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has unveiled his latest business venture, a motivational alarm clock. It is 2016, so we don’t need to tell you that this isn’t a tangible alarm clock, but instead an alarm clock app.

This new app, wonderfully named The Rock Clock, is a hybrid between an actual alarm clock and a personal trainer. Unlike a lot of free apps, there are no hidden in-app purchases to hit your wallet after you’ve been reeled in by the freebie version.

When first opening the app, the user is prompted to set a goal for themselves. The app provides some pre-loaded goals to choose from, like “Learn a new language,” “Lose ten pounds of non-muscle,” and “Eat healthier.” Once a goal is selected, you have to set what time you want to be woken up.

This is the scariest part.

Waking up early is frightening enough, but when you notice that the app provides an alarm for you titled “Rock Time,” things get scarier. The “Rock Time” is when the app syncs your alarm with The Rock’s own alarm for that day. Today for example, the “Rock Time” to wake up is at 4:45. No thanks, Dwayne.


So, you set a goal for yourself, you let the app know you’re not a monster who is capable of waking up at 4 in the morning, and now it is time to select an alarm that you’ll be waking up to. The app comes loaded with 25 alarm tones that we can guarantee you haven’t heard before because they were all created by The Rock. They include charming flutes, devastating guitar solos, and even some beats performed by The Rock’s dog, Hobbs.

Some of the alarms even feature The Rock himself. In one instance, he embodies a classic alarm clock, and repeats “beep, beep, beep, beep,” until you decide to get up. Other times he is simply talking and sometimes he sings for you.

Just as you thought waking up couldn’t get any better, The Rock makes sure to continue his motivation. The app provides the user with an inspirational audio clip from The Rock as he continues to push you towards your goals and calls you a jabroni.

This app is the second instalment of Project Rock. The first was a gym bag which sold out in a matter of minutes. According to the website, there are still two more projects to be released. He’s done a bag and an alarm clock, so we really have no clue where he might go next. Perhaps his own athleisure brand?