What We *Really* Want To See On The Rock’s New YouTube Channel


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has conquered wrestling, movies, TV, apps, and social media, so it only makes sense that the multi-talented, multi-muscled entertainer complete his global domination by taking over the one area he’s left largely untouched: YouTube.

Johnson has launched his official YouTube channel called, what else, The Rock, and scored an introduction to the world of YouTube by Canada’s own online star, Lilly Singh (see Lilly Singh IRL by clicking here and entering for your chance to win tickets to this year’s YouTube Fan Fest in Toronto).

Singh has been vocal with her love of The Rock, posting about her first time meeting Johnson and including him in her original YouTube film, A Trip to Unicorn Island. For his intro to the world of the red ‘play’ button, Johnson and Singh toured the underground volcano, where YouTubers *really* make content that goes viral.

Johnson’s YouTube page says that new videos will be uploaded every week with content we assume will cover topics that can already be found on the superstar’s Instagram page. Workouts, behind-the-scenes pics from shows and movies Johnson is filming, and inspiring interactions with fans are all great video ideas that the star has been sharing on social media.

But we want some juicy stuff.

Here are a few video ideas we’d like to see on The Rock’s new YouTube page.

Unhealthy Eating

We think it’s great that Johnson is a positive role model for both a healthy state of mind and body, but we still want to know what snacks he’s sneaking in between crunches.

More Hobbs

Cat videos may rule YouTube, but Johnson’s dog, Hobbs, has a real shot at superstardom.

Johnson 2020

If the People’s Champ ever felt like running for president, now may be the time. We’d vote for him…if Canadians could vote for American presidents.

#TBT Videos

We’ve seen the throwback pictures, but what about the throwback videos?

Into the Closet

Doesn’t anyone else want to know how many suits Johnson owns at this point? What about tank tops, work out shorts and sneakers? Does he have a separate closet for fanny packs? It’s time for a YouTube closet tour to answer these pressing questions.

Kevin Hart vs. Dwayne Johnson

We would totally subscribed to a channel solely comprised of these two actors making fun of one another.

Lilly Singh vs. Dwayne Johnson

Ditto for Singh and Johnson. Superwoman is all of us meeting our celebrity crush.