Ed Sheeran And Kittens Are What Dreams Are Made Of


Sun, June, 21 by

Ed Sheeran Much.com

The MUCH MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS are well under way and we can’t wait to see what surprises are in store. We can guarantee that Ed Sheeran’s performances will be ones to watch. But, our official co-host Ed kicked off the show in an almost unbearably charming way.

ED. CUDDLED. KITTENS. Are there three more adorable words in the English language? NO, there is not.

Taylor Swift, I hope you are watching!

Check it out below, over and over again.

AND for your convenience, we already made five GIFs from the video for you. Post them everywhere.

Ed Making Two Little Munchkins Be BFFS

Ed Sheeran Cat Gif 2

That Monkey Sure Looks Like A Kitten

Ed Sheeran Cat Gif 3

Ed Gently Kisses The Top Of That Kitten’s Head… DEAD

Ed Sheeran Cat Gif 4

You Three Are Up To No Good

Ed Sheeran Cat Gif 1

Feline The Weeknd!!!

The Weeknd Cat Gif

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