Ed Sheeran And Anne Marie Just Covered A Rowdy Holiday Classic

Ed Sheeran, Anne Marie

We’re not halfway through December yet, which means we are still loving holiday songs and haven’t starting running screaming every time another version of “Deck The Halls” comes over the loudspeaker at the mall.

Two more people who are still loving the holiday season are Ed Sheeran and Anne Marie, who teamed up to perform a holiday song while at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge this week.

The pair took on the classic “Fairytale of New York,” which was originally written and performed by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl. The Irish-inspired take is infectious and lively, with Sheeran and Anne-Marie turning the BBC studios into an Irish pub oozing with joy and music. Not stopping there, the pair ended “Fairytale In New York” with a classic take on “Jingle Bells” for those who love more traditional holiday ditties.

While in the studio, Sheeran also performed his latest single “Perfect,” which recently earned BeyoncĂ© her first number one in nine years thanks to the pair’s remixed duet. Sure, “Perfect” isn’t technically a holiday song, but it’s music video could easily double as a Hallmark holiday film. Because we don’t have nearly enough of them.

As if scoring BeyoncĂ© for a duet wasn’t a big enough ‘get’ for “Perfect,” Sheeran just announced on his Instagram that he’s releasing another version of the song on Friday. The new version will feature a full orchestra and opera singer Andrea Bocelli, who Sheeran will join on vocals, singing in Italian. How much life can you get out of one song? If you’re Ed Sheeran, a whole lot.