Ed Sheeran Received A Very British Scar

Ed Sheeran Injury

In the most British occurrence since Hugh Grant awkwardly danced through 10 Downing Street while playing the Prime Minister in Love Actually, singer Ed Sheeran sustained an injury that could only be made more patriotic if he had been eating bangers and mash while it happened.

Sheeran has been largely absent from the public eye throughout 2016, taking time off from his grueling touring and recording schedule to regroup. It appears the singer is doing his part to relax and spend time with friends, though even the best laid plans can end up with a trip to the ER.

During a party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor (OMG BRITISH), Sheeran’s friend and fellow singer, James Blunt, requested that fellow party goer, Princess Beatrice of York, ‘fake-knight’ him with a ceremonial sword.


Since few things go better than drinking (we assume) and swords, Beatrice agreed to the request, but in fake-knighting Blunt, she accidentally swung the sword towards Sheeran, leaving a cut on his cheek that required a trip to the local hospital. Bloody hell! Sheeran had a real stiff upper lip about the entire event and was able to return to the party after he was treated.

Fan pictures from Sheeran’s London gig the following day show a small scar on the singer’s right cheek, because that’s apparently where the term ‘acting cheeky’ comes from. Getting a real princess to knight you while everyone is drinking and receiving a cut on the cheek. Oh, those crazy Brits.

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