Ed Sheeran Is Co-Hosting The MMVAs And This Is How You Reacted


Last night we announced that Ed Sheeran is Co-hosting the 2015 MMVAs! We’re happy it’s out there so we can finally let our excitement run wild without being the guy that ruined the surprise. No one wants to be that guy.

But were you excited? It’s been almost 24 hours, so lets check.

Waiting is the worst, except when it’s totally worth it.

Laughter turned to crying? We need to be best friends.

If there was ever a time to make up a word, this is definitely it.

That collage is bawse.

Do you mean mews like Ed loves cats, cats meow, so news is mews? Even if it’s just at typo, go with it. Brilliant.

We’re not at a live awards show yet. You fill that swear jar with excitement!


Okay, okay, scream now, THEN save them for June 21st.

So official. So in love with the officialness.

No, YOU don’t understand how excited WE are that YOU’RE excited!

We also checked in with Ed. He seems pretty excited too.

Don’t miss the 2015 MMVAs with your co-host Ed Sheeran on Sunday, June 21st.