Ed Sheeran Launches Gingerbread Man Records: Meet His First Signee!


Wed, August, 26 by


Ed Sheeran has finally launched his very own record label called Gingerbread Man Records and yesterday, he launched the YouTube channel for the label where he posted a few videos including his first signee, Jamie Lawson.

In a welcome video, Sheeran introduced fans to his latest venture: “I’m going to be posting all the videos of all the artists that I sign, I hope you like all of them, I will love all of them, obviously.”

He also introduces the first artist he has signed to Gingerbread Man, Jamie Lawson. The two chat over cups of tea and talk about how they met, touring together and signing to Ed’s new label.

Lawson is a fellow Brit and also plays beautiful acoustic numbers that fans of Sheeran will love. Check out his latest music video for Wasn’t Expecting That below!

Are you excited to see what else Ed Sheeran and Gingerbread Man Records has in store?

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