Ed Sheeran’s Puppet Returns In ‘Happier’ Music Video

Ed Sheeran’s look-a-like puppet has returned, but this time to pull at your heartstrings.

Four years ago, fans saw the 27-year-old singer’s puppet party with models and get into trouble in the music video for the Pharrell Williams produced “Sing,” but this time, Sheeran’s red-haired marionette pal is dealing with some major heartbreak.

Sheeran’s puppet stars in the singer-songwriter’s new music video for “Happier,” which sees the puppet swap out the partying and troublemaking to deal with his broken heart.

In the new music video, Sheeran’s puppet drinks alone in a bar as he mourns his ex—who’s played by a woman made entirely out of balloons—after he catches her having a meal with her new man. Flashing back to when that was him and her, Sheeran’s voice croons on, “‘Cause baby you look happier, you do / My friends told one day I’ll feel it too / And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth / But I know I was happier with you.”

Haunted by his ex’s memory—everything around him is turning into balloons—the puppet tries to drink away his pain with some whiskey before playing the song on a sidewalk with a sign that reads “Heartbroken and unhappier.” Before the end of the video, Sheeran’s puppet returns to the street corner where he saw his ex and her new boyfriend only to find she’s now the one experiencing the heartbreak as her new puppet beau lets her go, quite literally.

As another standout ballad, “Happier” comes from Sheeran’s critically acclaimed Divide, which was released last March and dominated charts throughout 2017. Most recently, Sheeran got engaged to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn and told the George Ezra & Friends podcast that he’s already working on his next album.

As for Sheeran’s doppelganger puppet, it’s unclear what the little guy has been up to for the last four years, but we hope the next time we see him it will be on a much ‘happier’ note.