Ed Sheeran Spends A Night With Saoirse Ronan In ‘Galway Girl’ Video

Ed Sheeran has been busy touring the world in support of his third studio album Divide, but during his two April dates in Ireland, the singer took a time out from performing to shoot a music video for his latest single, “Galway Girl.”

Following “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape of You,” “Galway Girl” is the the third video from 2017’s <emDivid. Sheeran cast Irish actor Saoirse Ronan as his Galway girl for the music video, which was shot in the small Galway city of 80,000. The two-time Academy Award nominee showed off a fun side we don’t often see in her dramatic roles on screen, with Ronan acting as Sheeran’s tour guide throughout the pubs and streets of Galway.

Thank you to Galway and all the wonderful people in it for helping us shoot a music video yesterday x

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Playing darts, dancing a jig, stealing bikes, drinking pints, and unfortunately for Sheeran, taking a punch are just part of a night out in the boisterous Irish city. The two even add to Sheeran’s extensive tattoo collection, although instead of ‘Galway Girl’ he ended up with ‘Galway Grill.’ Close enough.

In addition to Ronan, Sheeran also cast Irish actor Laurence Kinlan, as well as comedians and hosts Tommy Tiernan and Hector Ó hEochagáin, who play the two men sitting in the bathroom enjoying a few pints.

While most of the fast-paced Jason Koening-directed music video was scripted, there do seem to be a few candid moments, like when Sheeran and Ronan find a group of dancers practicing in the street.

The video opens with a credit saying “Galway Girl” was shot by Sheeran and while we were skeptical at first, a behind the scenes pic of Sheeran on his Instagram page shows that the singer did in fact pull double duty as a camera operator. We’re guessing it took a few pints to make that harness comfortable.

Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour continues on May 13 in Latin America before hitting North America at the end of June. He has nine Canadian tour dates scheduled throughout July.

Video for Galway Girl dropping tomorrow, look out for it x

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