Ed Sheeran Plays ‘Would You Rather’ And Chooses Between Elton John And Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran has been busy promoting the release the his upcoming third studio album Divide, which is set to drop on March 3. This week alone, Sheeran appeared on a number of radio stations, performed as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and played the Grammy Awards.

In addition to the Grammy Awards, one of the many shows Sheeran appeared on this week was DJX, where the famous singer played a revealing round of ‘Would You Rather.’

Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? Lego world or Lego body? Ketchup on everything or no more ketchup for life? Internet history read by parents or by girlfriend? A tattoo of Taylor Swift’s face or Elton John’s face? Actually, that one is pretty shocking. Elton John is a wild man.

Check out Ed Sheeran playing ‘Would You Rather’ below and click here.

At last night’s Grammys, Sheeran performed his latest single “Shape Of You,” which was packed full of girl power moments (check them out here). Sheeran originally wrote the song with Rihanna in mind, who he was seated next to for the majority of the night.

Sheeran performed early in the four-hour show and spent much of the evening mingling with fellow musicians, including rapper Jay Z.

Ed was one of the many stars to say hello to Beyoncé and praise the musical genius.

Sheeran also spent some time with Best New Artist winner Chance The Rapper.

He also got handsy with old pal and Grammy host, James Corden.

While we all sit here and long to be buddy-buddy with pop’s favourite ginger, we also recommend his latest video for “Shape of You”—which you can watch here.

Watch Ed Sheeran return to the Brit Awards stage on Wednesday, February 22 starting at 2:30 pm ET on YouTube. The 2017 Brit Awards will also air on Much at 8ET/5PT.