Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ Video Is The Perfect Mini Rom Com

For Ed Sheeran’s third studio album Divide, the British singer has added ‘actor’ to his growing list of talents. While in the past Sheeran has often played small roles in his music videos, sometimes even being completely absent from them, his latest album has brought with it visuals that include Sheeran as a leading man.

In “Shape of You,” Sheeran is a boxer who falls for a fellow athlete at his gym. In “Castle On The Hill,” Sheeran returns to his hometown to take scenic drives through the countryside and reminisce in front of a burning fire with friends. In “Galway Girl,” Sheeran’s hand does most of the acting as he’s pulled through the town of Galway by Irish actor Saoirse Ronan.

Now with his latest single “Perfect,” Sheeran is pulling in his experiences from all three music videos to show off his best acting performance yet. He’s even brought with him some moves from his 2014 award winning “Out Loud” dance-centric video. Prepare to swoon for Sheeran.

In his latest video for the romantic ballad “Perfect,” Sheeran and actor Zoey Deutch take a trip to a stunning ski chalet, where Sheeran manages to get his crush Zoey away from their group of friends so that he can perform the song he wrote for her. He’s just a boy, standing in front of a girl, playing his guitar. The video is a non-stop feels fest that has rom com written all over it.

There’s the foreshadow swooning by both parties.

There’s the complication of friends tagging along.

There’s the moment of ‘is this the friend zone’ or ‘is she into me?’

There’s the excessive drinking montage.

Which inevitably leads to the karaoke scene. Rom coms love karaoke.

There’s the scene that makes snow look romantic, which seems nice for five seconds until you remember that snow is the worst.

Then it’s time for the moment of truth on the pizza box.

He’s saved their prom photo for all these years! So he’s either a hoarder or romantic, but this is a rom com, so obviously romantic.

Now it’s time to celebrate their love by slow dancing in the snow, as one does…only in movies.

And finally, throw in a kitten for good measure (puppies and cute children are also acceptable).

Hugh Grant approves.

Check out Ed Sheeran’s new music video for “Perfect” below.