Eight Things We Want To See In Furious 8


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After their most successful installment yet, The Fast And The Furious franchise has confirmed an eight movie coming out in 2017. The tentative release date is April 14, 2017, to be exact, and fans can currently see Furious 7 in theatres (it’s number one in the box office right now). Star Vin Diesel was on hand for the big announcement yesterday, adding: “We’re going to make the best movie you’ve ever seen.”

Furious 7 shot to the top of the box office earlier this month, though it was a bittersweet success as this was the last Furious film star Paul Walker will appear in after dying in a fatal car crash mid-way through shooting the movie. The film was completed with the help of Walker’s two brothers and a team who helped CGI the actor into the remaining 20% of the scenes he had not completed. The ending was also rewritten to give Walker a touching and emotional sendoff. (Yes, we totally cried our eyes out when we saw it.)

While the seventh movie stands up there as one of the franchise’s best, Diesel is promising the “best movie you’ve ever seen” for the upcoming eighth installment and while we don’t have much of a say (unless you want to hire us to write the movie, Vin, we’re totally available), we do have a few suggestions. Here are eight things we want to see in the next Furious movie.


1. An update on Brian O’Conner
At the very end of Furious 7, we see Dom and Brian parting ways, driving off in two different directions as Dom gives an emotional goodbye in the form of a rare voice over. This signals Brian’s departure from the series, hopefully to settle down and live a normal life with wife Mia and their two kids, and while this is a beautiful and thoughtful way of saying goodbye to one of the franchise’s most important characters, we do want a little update in the next film. Perhaps just a small name drop or a visit from Mia. We just want to know that Brian, Mia and the kids are doing well, post-Furious 7.

2. Returning characters
The Furious franchise has done an incredible job of maintaining a central cast, but also bringing back characters or relatives of characters from previous movies. People we definitely want to see return, outside of Dom’s main crew of course, are Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Ramsay (Nathalie Emmanuel). We are also rooting for the return of Kurt Russell’s mysterious Mr. Nobody character. Furious fans have come up with a whacky (but plausible?) theory that the original script for Furious 7 hinted at the fact that Russell was actually Brian O’Conner’s estranged father (WHAT). And while that will unlikely be true because of the departure of Brian’s character, we do hope to see Russell return for more hijinx, Belgian ale and infrared badassery.

3. More amazing one-liners from Luke Hobbs
Everything this man says in these movies is gold.

4. Let’s also bring back Ja Rule
Vin Diesel posted this #TBT yesterday on his Instagram…is this a sign?! Rapper Ja Rule only had a bit part in the first film, and had subsequently screwed up any chance of appearing in the sequels, but maybe this is Ja’s time to come back.


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5. More badass women
There haven’t been many badass women in the Furious franchise. Outside of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia (Jordana Brewster), Gisele (Gal Gadot), Elena (Elsa Pataky) and a handful of other side characters, the Furious franchise only highlights women if they’re half naked, cheering on male race car drivers. YAWN. One of the best scenes of Furious 7 came from Letty’s incredible fight with real life MMA fighter Ronda Rousey and was only the second major female on female fight of the series. Why aren’t there more? We demand more female asskickers and less females showing their asses.

6. No romance between Ramsay and Tej, please
Throughout Furious 7, Tej (Ludacris) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) are seen drooling over female hacker extraordinaire, Ramsay. When they realized this mysterious computer wiz was in fact a woman, all they could do was check her out and try to call dibs and while it was funny to see Tej and Roman bicker as usual, it was also a little unnecessary. If Ramsay were to return, we hope to see her shine on her own and not be coupled off like previous female characters in Dom’s crew. This isn’t to say we don’t enjoy Dom and Letty, Brian and Mia, or Han and Gisele’s doomed relationship, but it would be nice to see a female stand on her own once in a while in the Furious world.

7. New York City
In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Vin revealed potential plans for the film to head to the east coast, particularly New York City. This would be exciting as Los Angeles and Miami are the only two American cities the series has explored. And while the movies can pretend there are no traffic jams in L.A. or millions of people on the streets of Tokyo, they won’t be able to avoid the major congestion in NYC. Let’s see how these skilled drivers deal with that!

8. More Corona
It’s Dom’s favourite beer!