Emma Stone And Maya Rudolph Perform Our Favourite New Cover With ‘Call Your Girlfriend’

Call Your Girlfriend

Just when we thought we couldn’t love the hilarious and talented actors Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph any more than we already do, the two women teamed up to cover Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.” It’s like Christmas in July.

Rudolph’s six-episode sketch series, Maya and Marty, came to a close last night and featured Stone as one of its final guests. After spoofing infomercials and playing a dead intern still roaming an office building offering to go for Starbucks runs, Stone joined Rudolph to try something the SNL alum found on YouTube.

Back in 2011, Swedish singer Robyn released her groundbreaking Body Talk Pt. 1 album, which included the track “Call Your Girlfriend.” Swedish trio Erato covered the song, using empty butter tubs as their instruments.

Rudolph told the live studio audience that she found the video a few years ago and has always wanted to try a similar cover. Last night’s finale of Maya and Marty proved the perfect venue and also let the world in a very big secret; Emma Stone can sing.

The two covers are gorgeous, slowed-down versions of the original track. But of course, if you feel like getting your dance on, here’s the incredible original.