Emma Watson Shows Just How Much She Loved The Harry Potter Books

Emma Watson is about to star in one of the biggest films of the year when she takes on the role of Belle in Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast. Of course, anyone who is ever been to a movie theater knows that Watson is no stranger to starring in blockbuster films. The British actor spent her teen years in front of the camera as feminist icon Hermione Granger in all eight of the Harry Potter films—a role that catapulted the then-unknown actor to superstardom overnight.

Watson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week to discuss the March 17 release of Beauty and the Beast, but host Kimmel couldn’t resist sharing a video of nine year-old Emma’s first time portraying Hermione.

The Brown University grad has apparently always been an excellent student. In this behind-the-scenes clip, Watson is seen reciting not only her own lines, but also helping her costars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint with their lines as well.

“You laugh, but this is actually quite traumatic for me,” Watson said. “I created issues because of this. I would ruin takes!”

Laughing at her younger self, Emma explained that her deep love for JK Rowling’s book series made her at times a little too excited on set. We’d be right there with you, Emma.

Emma’s love of books has continued into adulthood, with the actor talking about her recent turn as a book ninja. Watson, who heads her own online book club, has begun leaving books in public places around major cities to encourage people to read. She really is the perfect actor to play bookworm Belle.

Beauty and the Beast hits theatres on Friday, March 17. Click here to watch Ariana Grande and John Legend’s brand new music video for the Beauty and the Beast theme song.