Every Big Moment You Need To Know From The Grammys 2015


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Okay. Real talk. This year’s Grammy Awards started off really really slow. And by started off we mean, the first two hours. We knew we wanted to write about the biggest moments and it was looking like the blog would be pretty thin. But something happened with about an hour/an hour and a half left. It got pretty good.

Check out all the highlights you need to know to keep up a convo about music’s biggest night. (Oh, also Sam Smith won a lot of awards)

Kristen Wiig!


Kristen Wiig performed with Sia’s little dance prodigy Maddie Ziegler in the best rendition of “Chandelier” we have ever seen. There really aren’t many words for this performance. It was great. Best surprise ever.



There is a reason why Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus introduced the Queen of Pop. They both know they owe so much to the groundbreaking star. They couldn’t be twerking all up on this biz if Madonna wasn’t pushing boundaries back in the 80’s. When Madge did take the stage, it was for one of the biggest spectacles in a night full of stripped down performances. Sure she ain’t 19-years-old, but she knows the value of a giant stage show. Heck she was lifted into the ceiling on a harness.

Annie Lennox Shows The Young’uns How It Is Done

Annie Lennox is a Grammy Awards veteran. In classic Grammy style, an established artist was paired with a newbie, this time Hozier. Their duet on “Take Me To Church” was a little shaky but when Hozier ceded to floor to the Annie for “I Put A Spell On You” the roof blew off. Metaphorically that is.

Brooke Axtell Makes Us All Feel Weird That Chris Brown Was Nominated


Brooke Axtell appeared on stage before Katy Perry’s performance to tell her story of being a domestic abuse survivor. Brooke is an Austin-based writer, activist, and performance artist. She’s also director of communications for Allies Against Slavery, a nonprofit that fights human trafficking. Her words were incredibly moving and she rose to the challenge of being sandwiched between the President and one of the world’s biggest pop stars. But we can’t have been the only ones (and if Twitter is any sign, we weren’t) that noticed that one of the most high profile domestic abusers, Chris Brown, was once again nominated for a Grammy. Not sayin’, just sayin’.

Pharrell Takes Happy to the Dark Side


Although domestic violence was the big issue of the night for good reason, Pharrell Williams took the song we are all a little sick of, and gave it a political twist. From the get go the song seemed to have a darker, minor key vibe and even had Hans Zimmer on guitar. A song like “Happy” can be hard to take seriously in a world with so much to be unhappy about and someone as savvy as Pharrell definitely knows that. He took the opportunity to make a Black Lives Matter statement. The image above said it all.

Rihanna Reminds Us That She Has The Chops


No matter what you think of “FourFiveSeconds” by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney you have to acknowledge that it is one of Rihanna’s best vocal performances. She nailed the live rendition. Anyone who thinks Rihanna is just a weak pop vocalist was proven wrong with this showstopper. But we would have liked to see her in her all over denim and combat boot look from the music video.

Kanye Winks At How Good Beyonce’s Album Was With A Quickie Stage Bomb


EVERYONE remembers that time when Kanye West hopped on stage to interrupt Taylor Swift after she beat out Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards. Until tonight we thought he wished we would all forget. But when Beck surprised a lot of us by winning Album of The Year over his fellow nominees like Beyonce, Kanye paid homage to that memorable award show moment. It didn’t take a genius to tell that Kanye was ready to say the same message when he jumped up on stage–Beyonce was robbed. The quick appearance said more than his words could. We can’t say we totally disagree.

Beyonce Was Perfect


Beyonce finally performed at 11:30PM, three and a half hours after the show first started so if you missed this moment we don’t blame you. I’m sure Beyonce was almost out the door by this point and Blue Ivy was definitely in bed. The Carters may be looking to move to L.A. but that baby is still on NYC time. Anyway, Beyonce sang “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” a song that was first sung to her by her mother. As a lead in to the amazing and important song “Glory” performed by John Legend and Common from the Selma soundtrack it was perfect. And the Grammys all of a sudden felt bad about all of the awards they didn’t give her.