Every Burning Question For Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Premiere

Questions for Season 6 M

Tonight’s premiere of Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars promises to be the start of the ‘summer of answers’. Well, good. We deserve it. After five seasons and not nearly enough people in black hoods turning around, it’s about time that the PLL writers began connecting the dots. Our brains are tired and we’ve become paranoid TV watches who assume everyone is a bad guy.

We’ve got questions, so let’s get to them.

1. Number one with a bullet – who is Charles?

The Season 5 finale included the lacklustre reveal that ‘A’ is Charles. This would be thrilling if anyone knew Charles’ identity, but alas, we do not. Was he Jason DiLaurentis twin that was given away? Was he someone in Rosewood that was obsessed with the girls? Is he somehow related to (or is) Andrew Campbell?


2. What’s the deal with Andrew?

Speaking of Andrew Campbell, we knew that 6’2 debate team member, star athlete, and smoking hottie was too good to be true. When Season 6 kicks off tonight, the Rosewood Police have listed the now-missing Andrew Campbell as their main suspect in the kidnapping of the five girls. But why? What evidence do they have? And is Andrew actually Charles or are we going back to the twin theory and the other half of his Winklevoss duo is Charles?


3. Who knows what?

The season five finale of PLL included Toby, Ezra and Caleb coming clean to the Hastings about ‘A’ (there’s a 12 hour conversation). What about the other parents? Are the Marins, Montgomerys and Fields all up to date now? What about the police? Can we trust Tanner with, well, anything?


4. What has Alison been up to?

The girls have been missing for a month, while poor Mona has been wearing that awful blonde wig even longer. Other than thanking her lucky stars that she wasn’t kidnapped as well, what has Alison been up to this whole time? Is she actually worried about her friends or is she working with Charles?


5. How long will the girls be with Charles?

We know that this season will feature a five year time hop at the halfway mark. Will the girls be with Charles for the rest of the ‘present’ time period? Or will they make their way out of the terrifying bunker tonight?


6. Is there a silver lining for the girls?

Part of them has to enjoy not having cell phones, right?


7. Have everyone left Rosewood?

You must really not care about your kids much if you’re willing to stay in this town.


8. Will the Liars still have great hair?

We know they’re being held prisoner, but…#hairgameonpoint?


9. Spoby, Ezria, Mina

Okay, so Mike and Mona don’t really have a couple name because it would pretty much be Mike or Mona (Mina seems like a good compromise), but we still want to know what’s going to happen once the girls return. Will Ezria rise again? Will Spoby be solid once more? Will Mike forgive Mona for faking her death only to get kidnapped for real?


10. Five went in…

Emily, Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Mona are being held by Charles. Will they all emerge? We’re pretty sure the writers wouldn’t kill off one of the main four, but what about Mona?


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