Every Time ‘Back To The Future: Part II’ Has Set Viewers Up For Disappointment


Back To The Future: Part II set viewers up for a series of disappointments in 2015.  In the film, Marty McFly travels to October 21, 2015 (today) to save his children, yet to be born in Back to the Future‘s 1985.

Beyond the obvious lack of consumer hoverboards (Lexus has dabbled with this technology, but I can’t afford a Lexus car, let alone their hoverboard) and Nike has been dangling the carrot that is self-tying shoes at us for a while, but those are just the basic examples of how BTTFP2 has elevated our hope for the future, only for reality to bring them to a screeching halt, like a hoverboard over water.

So how exactly has Back To The Future: Part II‘s depiction of 2015 set us up to be let down? Let us count the ways…



We touched on this already, but this is single-handedly the biggest F-you that Robert Zemeckis presented us with. Telling all of Generation Y that they will be commuting to their menial serving job at “Cafe 80’s” on their hoverboards, only for them to later find out that they will have to commute to their menial serving job at a regular cafe, on fixed-gear bike, is pretty ruthless, Mr. Zemeckis.


Nike Air Mags

The only thing worse than not delivering on Tinker Hatfield‘s badass Nike Air Mags, is kind of delivering on the Nike Air Mag, but neutering the ‘self-lacing’ feature AND pricing them exclusively for the super-rich. Nike, you beefed. You beefed hard.


Jaws 19

I can’t confirm whether or not this did or did not happen. There are a lot of Jaws films, and there is this trailer, but most of them are awful, so it makes the list.


Self-Drying Clothes

Dryers are hard on your dedicates, and hanging your clothes on the line, while environmentally friendly, just isn’t practical. This would’ve been cool, but it’s a lie, like everything else.


Chicago Cubs Winning The World Series

The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, which means they’ve had the longest championship drought in all four of the major North American professional sports leagues. But that may (or may not) end soon. The Cubs winning the World Series this year ironically might have been the most plausible trolling the film series has managed, thus far.


Arguably the worst of Zemeckis’ offenses. The Black & Decker hydrator Lorraine uses in 2015 was a voice-controlled kitchen appliance that instantly transformed a cookie-sized dehydrated Pizza Hut pizza into a family-sized meal. Until we can 3D print a pizza, we’re all still stuck eating stuff that tastes like cardboard.

At least we still got ourselves some Huey.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)