Everybody Loves Leo–And We Have The Receipts To Prove It


iMDB, the world’s go-to site for all things film related, turns 25 this year. To celebrate, they’ve shared the top user-ranked film from every year since its inception. And what do the numbers show? The Internet loves Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo’s films have been the number one movie of the year four separate times. Three films in the past five years bill Leo as a starring actor.

Here are all the reasons we think Leo is the Internet’s all-time favourite.

1) He’s an underdog


We don’t need to go over this. Please Academy, give this man his Oscar.

2) He has fans across genres: thrillers, drama, romance–you name it, he does it


Even Shakespeare!

4) He was a child actor that is still successful in his adulthood


And we know how rare that is. (Looking at you, Olsen twins)

5) He’s provided us with so much gif-able and meme-able content


Like this.

Funniest Happy Leo

And this.


Also this.


Desktop backgrounds too.

6) For many of us, he stole our hearts in Titanic


And we’ve haven’t looked back since.

We love you, Leo. Even if the Academy doesn’t.