Everything Cool That Happened At SXSW This Weekend


The annual SXSW festival kicked off in Austin, Texas this weekend and as per usual celebrated music, film, TV, and interactive media. This year that meant a lot of people wearing Oculus glasses and probably having their contacts dried out.

The first weekend of the nine day festival, which runs until March 20, included some big name performers and actors who all rubbed shoulders and probably ate some really good barbecue.

Here are some of the highlights from the first few days of SXSW 2016.

Our Canadian kween Tatiana Maslany looked like a cool clone of herself while hanging out with her Downton Abbey actor boyfriend Tom Cullen.


Miguel performed wearing this amazing shirt.


Lil Wayne performed wearing no shirt.


Elle King performed Exes and Ohs. Great tune.

elle king

Obama arrived on a helicopter like the badass POTUS that he is.


The women of Broad City hung with the men of Mr. Robot.

BC Robot

Key and Peele promoted their new film Keanu, which is not a documentary about the Canadian actor, although we would totally watch that.


Jake Gyllenhaal presented his new film Demolition, as well as presenting his face, which we have not seen in a while, and his Jonathan Taylor Thomas haircut, which we really haven’t seem in a while.

Jake Demolition

The cast of Don’t Think Twice led a panel on their film.


Ellen Page promoted her new series Gaycation.


And Ethan Hawke wore this suit.

ethan hawke wore this suit