Everything We Want To See At This Sunday’s Golden Globes Ceremony


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Sunday marks the real opening ceremony of the 2015 awards season. Sure there have been a couple of ceremonies already at the end of last year and the start of this year but the Golden Globe Awards really is the first biggie (no offence People’s Choice Awards).

Although the GGs don’t have the same clout as the Academy Awards, we still love them. A lot. The stars are loose and a little loopy thanks to a lot of lubrication. The alcoholic kind. You may remember last year as the year Emma Thompson came on stage barefoot with a Martini glass and Amy Poehler made out with Bono. And! And! Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hosting again!

So we have a few expectations for this year. Check out what we want to see at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

Jokes About The Following Topics


1. Bill Cosby (the man, not the crimes themselves): When asked by Access Hollywood whether they would broach the subject, Tina said, “Oh, heck yes!”

2. Kim Kardashian: Obvs

3. George Clooney: Tina and Amy dropped this gem last year: “Gravity is nominated for best film. It’s the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.” This year we want a joke or two about how the bachelor finally settled down. It is only right.

And Also… More Leo Jokes

Sure, last year was a big year for Leo movie wise. Wolf of Wall Street was huge. This year he has no films in award contention (although the documentary he executive produced, Virunga, may be nominated for an Oscar). But, this joke from last year’s Golden Globes may possibly be one of the best jokes ever told. Pardon our blue humour, but this really makes us laugh.


More Leo jokes ladies!

More Amy & Tina In The Crowd


We love it when Tina and Amy head in to the audience. It is usually where the real antics happen. Amy makes out with Bono. Amy pretends to be Tina Fey’s song looking for her father who possibly is Idris Elba. Both Tina and Amy pretend to be nominees. Amy sits on George Clooney’s lap. The audience is where the real comedy happens.


Can we just point out a couple of things about this gif? 1) If you watch this more than five times in a row, some sort of hypnosis happens that makes you want to do something bad to Taylor Swift. And that is coming from people who love her! What is wrong?! 2) Arnold Schwarzenegger looks positively reflective over Amy’s left shoulder.

Drunk People Trying To Say David Oyelowo


Brad Pitt may have led a tutorial about how to say the last name of the Selma star and best actor nominee David Oyelowo at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, but we still think some people may have a hard time. It really isn’t that challenging. It is “yellow” with an “o” on each end. Easy! But, with the champagne flowing, anyone who thinks that they have a grasp on it sober may find the pronunciation slipping away with each glass.

Joaquin Phoenix Trying To Pick Up Amy Poehler


Joaquin Phoenix revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night that he finds Amy Poehler very attractive. “She’s hosting the Globes, she’s having a party, and I’m going to go, and I’m a little nervous about seeing her. I don’t really know what to say,” he said. Kimmel then had to break the news that she seems happy in her relationship with Nick Kroll which appeared to make Joaquin pretty disappointed. Hey, we don’t want to encourage home wreckers but there is something about a Paul Thomas Anderson/Maya Rudolph/Joaquin Phoenix/Amy Poehler double date that makes us very happy.

The Style of Stone, Washington, Lopez, Lorde and Nyong’o


Lupita Nyong’o was building a reputation as a fashion icon on red carpets leading up to the Golden Globes last year but when she busted out this red cape number everyone was like, “GUUUUUURL!” She will be back again this year as a presenter so we are anxious to see the fashion queen gifts us with. We are also looking forward to what nominee Emma Stone, daring diva Jennifer Lopez and queen of class Kerry Washington decide to wear. Plus, Lorde is a nominee this year so keep an eye on her to shake up the traditional.

Bill Murray and More Bill Murray


Everyone’s favourite nutty uncle Bill Murray is nominated for Best Actor in a Movie, Musical or Comedy for St. Vincent where he plays a loveable curmudgeon who looks after his young neighbour. Bill’s real life persona is just as loveable, but a little more mysterious. The man pops up at bachelor parties and local sports events and is a known prankster. He seems like the type to not take an awards show seriously, so we are hoping for some Murray-esque antics. Nominee photo bombs? Mixing it up with the cast of Downton Abbey? Slow motion Wes Anderson walks on to stage? We can’t wait to see.

Tune in to the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday January 11 at 8E/5P on CTV.