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Everything You Need To Survive Adele’s ’25’

Adele Survival Pack Main

Adele’s third studio album 25 has officially dropped and that means there are going to be millions, maybe even billions of feelings flying around today. It’s only natural when a work of art like 25 is released to the masses.

Like a hurricane of emotions set to touch down as soon as you press play, it’s important to have all the supplies ready for your emotional storm shelter ASAP. How does one prepare to have all their repressed feelings hit them like a truck carrying actual physical CDs? We have your checklist.


Or ice cream. Or cake. Or cookies. Or chips. Or chocolate. Or candy. Or whatever comfort food you can reach at the moment.



You know, for your ugly-crying.


This Phone App

Ready to crank up Hello and start creeping your ex’s Facebook account? What if you accidentally overdose on feelings and start posting on their wall? Those sappy love statuses can be deleted once you sober up from 25, but nothing is ever really gone on the Internet. Thankfully, there’s an app for that.

App for that

No Cell Reception

Adele’s music makes you want to text your ex. It’s just science. Get as far away from civilization (or just find a building with bad service) before pushing play on 25.

Cell Service

5 to 10 Feet of Personal Space

Whether you’re listening to Adele’s new album 25 through your headphones while taking the bus to school or sitting alone in your car in traffic, it’s best to make sure you have some personal space for when the dancing demons put you under their spell.

5 to 10 feet

An accessory

If you’re going to dance like no one is watching, there’s no better way to add drama to your routine than a dramatic accessory. Try a fedora, sunglasses, or a flowing silky scarf. Hey, it works for Steven Tyler.


Walking Shoes

Adele’s music knows how to stir up an endless list of emotions within listeners. Sometimes these emotions leave us in a fetal position on the bathroom floor all night and sometimes they make us want to rage walk our feelings out. You can never be too prepared.


A Soundproof Booth

Adele’s music gives us all confidence to express ourselves and that’s great. But, there’s a good chance her music also hasn’t given you her voice. They’re called neighbors. Be kind to them.

Soundproof Booth

An Empty Schedule

This may take all day.

Clear Schedule