Fact: Beyoncé Is Always On Beat


Tue, May, 26 by

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Beyoncé is one of music’s best performers right now because not only can she sing, but she can also dance like no other. Just take a look at almost any of her music videos. In fact, Bey is such a good dancer that the internet has come up with a new theory: Beyoncé can dance to any song and will always be on beat.

Over the weekend, a new meme emerged called #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat where people create mashups of Bey dancing (taken from music video or concert footage) to different songs. And you know what? It totally works. Bey is a genius who is magically always on beat. Just another impressive thing to add to her super long resumé. Our resumé? Still one page long and, no, we can’t stay on the beat like Bey can.

So while we sit here and remember how bad we are at dancing, take a look at some of the best #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat memes so far!