Fall Out Boy Team Up With Demi Lovato And Doug The Pug On ‘Irresistible’

Doug the Pug Main

When Fall Out Boy released their basketball-friendly music video for Irresistible in February, we didn’t think the shorts could get any shorter or the plays get any cuter. We were wrong.

The foursome have now re-released the track to include the rock and roll vocals of Ms. Demi Lovato and recreated their original video…with Doug The Pug. Even his name makes us smile.

The cuteness overload may begin on the basketball court, but it travels much further than that. In addition to recreating the original Irresistible video, Doug and his fellow pugs also take on Dance Dance, Sugar, We’re Goin Down, Uma Thurman and the Gladiator-themed Centuries.


Fall Out Boy hit the studios with Demi to re-record Irresistible, the first track on the band’s sixth studio album, American Beauty/American Pyscho. No word yet on whether any other songs from the record will be gaining a new singer, but if it means more of Patrick Stump and Demi Lovato together, we’re all for it.

Check out Doug The Pug in Irresistible while we go re-think our Halloween costume.