Famous Canadians Also Want You To Vote


It’s all come down to today.

Over the last several weeks we’ve pop-quizzed you, we’ve asked you about the issues, we’ve shared info on how to register, what happens when you vote and what the difference is between a caucus and a back-bencher. Our Much creators gave their input and finally, we gave you 10 very great reasons why you should go and vote today.

If all of this still wasn’t enough, we’ve called in reinforcements. Here are some Canadian celebs that really, really want you to vote!


Grimes wants you to vote

Posted by Grimes on Friday, October 9, 2015

MAGIC! wants you to vote

David Suzuki wants you to vote

Bitten‘s Greg Bryk wants you to vote

Tim & Sid want you to vote (then watch the Jays game)

Finally, Ryan Renolds wants you to vote (for him…for hottest Canadian…but hey, democracy is democracy.)

So, did you? Share this if you did and be proud. Yay, democracy!