Father John Misty Releases Chilling Video For ‘Two Wildly Different Perspectives’


Ahead of his upcoming third studio album Pure Comedy, Father John Misty has released a new track titled, “Two Wildly Different Perspectives.” Tackling the timely discussion surrounding gun violence, the song’s accompanying video is unsettling.

The singer-songwriter shared the video on his Facebook page, seeming to be a direct response to President Trump’s recent actions that have banned immigrants and refugees from predominantly Islamic countries from entering the United States. Criticizing the Trump administration’s actions, Father John Misty wrote, “More kids are going to die now thanks to the unbelievably selfish immigration policy of places like Saudi Arabia and the USA.”

The politically charged music video features footage of children around the world using both toy guns and actual guns. Accompanied by Father John Misty’s crooning voice off-screen, the effect is both unnerving and daunting. The young kids laugh and smile while pretending to shoot one another as he sings, “One side says, ‘Y’all go to hell’ / The other says, ‘If I believed in God I’d send you there.”

Parallel to the controversial politics currently overwhelming the United States, the message of “Two Wildly Different Perspectives” is crystal clear—prejudice breeds violence. Father John Misty’s moody textures and alternative-folk influenced sound elevates the realness of this music video and its message, delivering an impact that hits close to home for audiences.

“Two Wildly Different Perspectives” serves as Pure Comedy‘s second single after Father John Misty released the title track and video as well as a short film and essay last week. Pure Comedy is out April 7.