Favourite Musicians To Throw First Pitches At Baseball Games


MLB teams have a history of enlisting musicians to throw out the first pitch at their games. Because really, why not? Who better to throw out a first pitch in front of a crowded stadium than someone who probably never throws a baseball?

To be fair, it’s probably a dream for most of these artists. Whether they’re an actual fan of the team or are about to create a ton of buzz for their upcoming project, there’s no such thing as a “bad first pitch”. But there can be and definitely have been ugly first pitches. Tonight is the Toronto Blue Jays’ home opener so in honour of that, here’s a look at our ten favourite MLB first pitches thrown by music artists.

Disclaimer: Mariah Carey didn’t make the list because her pitch was thrown in Japan. So if you really (for some odd reason) want to see that absolute catastrophe, here it is.

Justin Bieber at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago

Give the Biebs a break here. He was only 16 years old at the time and the pitch at least made it over the plate. But why did he throw it in Chicago instead of Toronto? That’s the real faux pas here.

Carly Rae Jepsen at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg

And here’s another Canadian throwing the first pitch in an American stadium. This is easily one of the worst-looking first pitches in the history of music and baseball. To make matters worse, it was thrown in what’s widely considered to be the most depressing stadium in all of sports.

Eddie Vedder at Wrigley Field in Chicago

Let’s forget about that absolutely shocking pitch from Jepsen by watching this gem by the Pearl Jam legend. Vedder shows off his veteran savvy here, tossing a nasty cutter to completely outdo all his peers in the music industry.

James Taylor at Fenway Park in Boston

Speaking of veteran savvy, Taylor’s breakout single Fire and Rain came out over 35 years ago. It’s that kind of experience that provides you with the wisdom to know it’s better to miss too high than have it roll to the plate.

Macklemore at Safeco Field in Seattle

The man was so nice, they had him there twice.

His second trip to the mound saw the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVA performer with a few more chains, flashier shoes and some fresh blonde in his hair. He threw another strike though, so the Seattle native will look to pick up the K when he inevitably throws out his third first pitch.

Jack White at Comerica Park in Detroit

The Detroit native falls under that “actual fan” category, which makes this one especially cool to see. Regardless of whether you’re famous or not, being a fan of a sports team is a special bond and throwing out the first pitch is the next best thing to actually just being a professional athlete.

Patrick Carney at Progressive Field in Cleveland

Here’s another rocker repping his hometown team. Carney, drummer for The Black Keys threw out this first pitch only a few days ago and reportedly told the Akron Beacon Journal he was just happy the ball didn’t bounce to the plate.

Kendrick Lamar at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

As always, Kendrick was an overachiever and decided to actually throw behind the rubber. The man can really do no wrong and looks like he’s super excited about the moment. Plus, it gave us this amazing picture of Lamar and Dodgers’ second baseman Howie Kendrick.

Geddy Lee at the Rogers Centre SkyDome in Toronto

Finally, we get one of our Canadian artists actually throwing out a first pitch in Toronto. The rock’n’roll legend was accompanied by Ace to the mound and proceeded to throw a strike to home. On second thought, maybe we’ll just remember this as our moment and let Carly Rae Jepsen keep throwing in Tampa Bay.

50 Cent at Citi Field in New York

Of course you knew this was coming. We saved it for last because it wasn’t just a hideous throw, but also a genius move by the hip-hop legend. What better way to promote your album coming out in a few weeks than to throw possibly the worst pitch in baseball history? It’s incredible this guy is somehow “bankrupt” with brilliant business moves like these.