Finn Wolfhard’s Band Calpurnia Drops Its Debut Single

The Stranger Things cast members haven’t let the show’s demanding production schedule keep them from starting their own side hustles—Joe Keery plays guitar for a rock group called Post Animal, Gaten Matarazzo’s been filming a ton of commercials, and Millie Bobby Brown is about to kick off a modelling career. Finn Wolfhard’s four-piece band, Calpurnia, also signed with a record label just last year. And after months of working hard on an EP, Calpurnia has finally released its debut single.

Titled “City Boy,” Calpurnia’s single was produced by Twin Peaks’ Cadien Lake James and engineered by music producer R Andrew Humphrey. Attentive listeners have already compared Calpurnia to the rough-around-the-edges Twin Peaks as well as classic rock acts like the Rolling Stones, and we can definitely see where they’re coming from.

“City Boy” expertly toes the line between laid-back garage rock and upbeat power rock and gives Wolfhard a chance to showcase his solid vocal abilities. The song’s lyrics are a little simple, but we’ll give Calpurnia a pass—the band members are still in their teens, so expecting them to go super deep (especially for their first go-round) would have been a little unfair.

The “City Boy” music video, which follows all four members hanging out in the studio with James and Humphrey, is equally as endearing as the song. Its colourful, psychedelic animations highlight Calpurnia’s fun-loving style and underscore Ayla Tesler-Mabe’s exhilarating guitar breakdown at the end of the track (fast forward to the three-minute mark to check it out).

The band announced the single’s release via Instagram, excitedly encouraging fans to “listen to it once, twice, or as many times as you want.”

Along with Wolfhard, who sings and plays guitar for the Vancouver-based band, Calpurnia consists of guitar prodigy Tesler-Mabe, bassist Jack Anderson and drummer Malcolm Craig. Apparently the band started coming together after Wolfhard and Craig met on the set of Canadian rock group PUP’s “Guilt Trip” music video. And incidentally, Calpurnia is now signed to Toronto’s Royal Mountain Records, the same label that represents PUP as well as Mac DeMarco, ALVVAYS, and pop artist U.S. Girls.

Judging by the lighthearted “City Boy” music video and the fact that Wolfhard has gushed about his fellow band members in the past, all four Calpurnia members seem to really get along. And in an excerpt from the Royal Mountain Records website, Anderson likens the band members’ chemistry to “a four-way Venn diagram,” possibly the cutest math-related simile we’ve ever heard.

Hopefully they were able to channel that positivity energy when they were recording their first EP, which was also produced by Cadien and is set to drop in June despite Wolfhard’s busy schedule (he’s currently working on a film adaptation of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch and a horror movie called The Turning). We’ll probably get to hear another single or two from the EP over the course of the next few months, but for now we’re fine with listening to Tesler-Mabe’s guitar solo on repeat.