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Five Dream Guests For James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke


This week’s instalment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment saw singer/actress/dancer/Jill of all trades and overall superwoman Jennifer Lopez hop in the passenger seat. The pair sang some of J. Lo’s greatest hits, including Jenny from the Block, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, On The Floor and the classic Booty. But that’s in the past, and here at Much, we are trailblazers. We’re looking forward to the very distant future and determining five dream guests who should definitely appear on The Late Late Show with James Corden‘s Carpool Karaoke.

The Jonas Brothers


Ah, the Jonas Brothers. Let’s just all take a second to reminisce about the days when Joe, Nick and Michelle…sorry, Kevin were still making beautiful music together. The band broke up in 2013, but if anyone can get the JoBros back together it’s James Corden. Surely, for just one short trip, Joe can take some time off from being by the ocean. Nick can put some clothes on and stop rolling around on the ground. And Kevin can stop being a devoted husband and father (jeez, do something important like make sexy music videos) and reunite for one final performance. In a van. With James Corden.



We’re talking about the whole group here too. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, The Game and Kidd Kidd. Okay, so maybe not the whole crew. 50 and Game have apparently been spotted in the same club without trying to fight each other. There was that picture of Game and Lloyd Banks together in Dubai. Tony Yayo hasn’t been in prison for a while and Young Buck is said to be dropping his first album since 2010 some time this year. Add on the fact that Mr. Curtis Jackson is apparently broke (or so he’d like you to believe) and this sounds like an absolute catastrophe. But a catastrophe that would make for great television and YouTube re-watching.

Benny Benassi

In case you’re 16 years old and haven’t heard the genius that is Satisfaction, Benny Benassi is basically a prodigy who was put on this Earth with the sole purpose to melt your brain with the dirtiest beats known to mankind. He’s a legend and would totally switch up the Carpool Karaoke game. If you’ve ever watched the program, which you surely have if you’re reading this far, you know James Corden loves to sing along to the songs of his passengers. But with Benny in the whip, the two could just sit there and bob their head and smile with…satisfaction.

DJ Khaled


Having DJ Khaled on Carpool Karaoke is indeed a major key to success. Corden has already shown his hype man skills with both Adele and One Direction. Now it’s time to collaborate with the greatest hype man of all time. Is that not reason enough? What do you want? Another one? Fine. What about the fact that you’ll get at least ten minutes of invaluable life advice from Dr. Khaled. Corden meets Khaled in what’s sure to the greatest example of ad-libbing and knowledge sharing in the history of music and television. Strap on your seat belts—literally—for the Carpool Karaoke that’s most definitely going to be the best.

The cast of the musical Hamilton


Unfortunately, Hamilton is sold out for at least another thousand years, so this may the closest you’ll ever get to see the ensemble. No, Corden’s typical form of transportation may not quite hold all ten cast members, so we were thinking Party Bus Karaoke for this episode. According to basically everyone, this is the greatest musical in the history of singing and dancing. It should be celebrated by the entire cast joining James Corden on the same bus you took to your prom, popping bottles and singing some tunes. Combine this with their Grammy performance and you may have seen just enough content to get away with lying to your grandchildren about how you saw Hamilton.

You can watch The Late Late Show With James Corden every Monday to Friday at 12:30am ET on CTV and catch up with episodes online here.