Five Hot New Tracks For Your Weekend Playlist

Friday, what’s good?

Another music-filled week is almost behind us, while our Canadian Music Week contest is still ongoing and JUNO weekend is about to pop off.

And today, not unlike this time last week, we have a whole lot of exciting music news to revel in—so here are those hot new tracks that demand infinite repeats this weekend.


Humble – Kendrick Lamar

When you’re the greatest living rapper (don’t @ me), your genius speaks for itself, and you don’t even need to lyrically recommend that competition take a seat. But with last week’s release of Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part Four” and last night’s “Humble,” Kendrick is fed up with the state of pretty much everything and ready to change his tune. Throughout the latter and its stunning accompanying video, he boastfully recommends, “Bitch, sit down, be humble” over a punchy piano and 808 beat—-signalling a new approach and new reign. With incredible imagery of the Last Supper, real female bodies and even his spin on that Grey Poupon commercial, the “Humble” video is already in the running for best visuals of the year.


Love Yourself – Mary J. Blige feat. Kanye West

While we’re on the topic of pure fire, there’s this. Right around the same evening hour that Kenny dropped the aforementioned scorcher, R&B queen Mary released the first track from her upcoming album Strength of a Woman—featuring a little known rapper named Kanye West. Beginning with only soulful piano and Mary’s voice, “Love Yourself” is quickly enhanced by big horns, a slapping beat and Kanye’s ruthless verse—making the self-love anthem as wildly empowering as any Mary song should be.

Come Closer – Wizkid feat. Drake

And while we’re on the topic of big name features (see how it all connects?)! Nigerian artist Wizkid, who skyrocketed to fame thanks to a spot on Drake’s “One Dance,” is back at it again with, you guessed it, Drizzy himself. This time, it’s Wizkid who recruits Drake on the dancehall-inspired “Come Closer,” which achieves the same thing as their first hit together—a bouncy earworm that will no doubt be a summer seventeen club favourite.


In Cold Blood – alt-J

Similar to  the formula of alt-J’s single roll-out on their last album This Is All Yours, the jauntier “In Cold Blood” follows the ethereal lead single “3WW.” With organ keys, layers of percussion and some awesome brass, the acclaimed Brit-rock group have pulled off another quirky rock thumper that will help liven up what will likely be another lush forthcoming release. Whether or not alt-J are your cup of tea (though I would hope they are), these guys continue crafting a flavour of indie-rock that’s unlike anything else out there.


Heatstroke – Calvin Harris feat. Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande and Young Thug

Right before he officially dropped his first contender for song of the summer last month, Calvin Harris tweeted, “More joyful music in 2017. I feel like it’s missing from the world. And it was missing from my life. So I created it.” And, that the man did—“Slide” was a top-down banger, and now the retro-infused, genre-blending “Heatstroke” is here and impossibly feel-good. In fact, the new song almost induces what its title recommends, with its funky production and lively shared vocals from the three heavy hitters. If Harris has officially ditched the beat drop for this new direction, you won’t hear me complaining.