Five Hot New Tracks For Your Weekend Playlist

Happy Friday, party people!

While you might not have yet emerged from your “I’m The One” coma, we promise that when you do, there are a boatload of new songs to greet you.

Check these bad boys out.


Bon Appétit – Katy Perry (feat. Migos)

With the transition into summer comes the onslaught of “song of the summer” contenders—and you can bet your bottom dollar that one of Katy Perry’s singles off her forthcoming album is bound to be in there. This new one, which connects with 2017 feature-favourites Migos, is as much of a seductive earworm as you’d expect from the newly-shorn pop star. Migos’ auto-tuned contribution to Perry’s song about, um, dining, gives the pulsing dance track a little edge.


“Phases” – Majid Jordan

Toronto/October’s very own pop duo Majid Jordan dropped this synth-infused new single today after a year on the road promoting their debut album. The upbeat, retro-sounding track has hints of both MJ and Blood Orange, and perfectly showcases singer Majid Al Maskati’s raspy falsetto throughout.


“Say My Name” – Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke is deservedly huge in her native Sweden, but ridiculously underrated on our side of the pond—therefore, consider this the hugely important PSA you need: She rules. Following her jam-packed-with-jams last album Kiddo, Styrke returns with this sun-streaked new tune, which blossoms from an oud-plucked intro into a full-fledged pop singalong. You heard it hear first—with songs like this in tow, 2017 could be Tove Styrke’s North American breakthrough year.


“Any Party” – Feist

With today’s release of Feist’s highly-anticipated fifth album Pleasure, the Canadian indie darling gets back to basics—blending minimalistic notes from her own early discography with the sounds of Cat Power and Bob Dylan. On the strum-heavy “Any Party,” Feist kicks things up a short notch, before bringing it back down for the stirring chorus in which she coos, “You know I’d leave any party for you/ ‘Cause no party’s so sweet as our party of two.”


“J-Boy” – Phoenix

Four years after Phoenix’s last album, which still sounded super Phoenix-y, the French band return with a refreshingly updated spin on their uppity alt-rock. On what might be their most robust and anthemic track to date, “J-Boy” overflows with layers of big, thumping beats and flashy synth—making it a house party, club or arena-ready new favourite.