Five Hot New Tracks For Your Weekend Playlist

Happy Friday, peeps!

This week has gifted us a whole lot of rain, album teases, new summer ditties and fine solo returns from One Direction alumnus Niall Horan and Harry Styles.

That’s not even the half of it, though. Spruce up your weekend listening with these hot new tracks, available at a streaming service near you today.


Call The Police — LCD Soundsystem

I want to have mixed feelings about classic bands or artists (looking at you, Hov) returning from supposed retirement or disbandment when, realistically, I’m almost always down for a great comeback. In 2015, these James Murphy-led indie rock vets reemerged after an untimely five-year “retirement” with a Christmas song and subsequent Coachella headlining spot, and have been touring pretty steadily ever since. So, jokes on us? Today, the band officially released two overdue new singles, “Call The Police” and “American Dream,” which are perfectly heartbreaking Sound of Silver-esque anthems that make up for all that retirement hooey. In conclusion, these guys can toy with me all they want—’cause I’ll always let them back in.


Bring It Back — Lil Yachty

I’ve been pretty undecided on Lil Boat since I first heard his laidback croon on D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli” and then Kyle’s mindless “iSpy.” Like, do we really need another voice like this. And, after hearing the third solo single off his upcoming debut, I’m thinking maybe we do. Good music—hell, good anything—is about doing something that hasn’t been done to death. Yachty’s 80s-caked ballad has not a single whiff of hip hop swagger, but is instead a vulnerable millennial plea that revives what John Hughes flicks were getting at three decades back. I dig it.


Roller Skates — Nick Hakim

Two weeks prior to the release of his debut album Green Twins, New York-based Nick Hakim has dropped a deliciously hazy number titled “Roller Skates,” and a trippy animated video to boot. Sonically, “Roller Skates” mirrors its story line, which Hakim says was inspired by getting stoned and forgetting to meet up with his girlfriend. It’s a love song, though—which you can hear in Hakim’s smoky delivery and psychedelic guitar spasms. Don’t miss this budding indie-soul star when he rolls through Toronto and Montreal on May 11 and 12, respectively.


Fake Friends — Sigrid

Continuing on the note of refreshing young voices I’d like to hear more of, let’s roll on over to Norwegian up-and-comer Sigrid and her valuable lyrics about individuality and friendship. As part of her buzzed-about debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe, “Fake Friends” preaches standing up for yourself and changing the narrative of a bad relationship. Teens could stand to hear a few more messages like this one, if you ask me—so, Sigrid FTW.


Dreams From Yesterday — Mac Demarco

Summertime naps. Is there anything better? Mac Demarco is still strumming the same old tricks on his latest album This Old Dog, but those tricks still make me want to sleep on a beach, in a park, by a pool or in a sunlit apartment with the white noise whir of a fan lulling me to sleep. After all these years, Mac Demarco’s music still makes me want to take a summertime nap and therefore, I still love him.