Five Hot New Tracks For Your Weekend Playlist

Oh, Friday – how we’ve missed you. This week has basically been one long lead-up to the anticipated return of a certain mega pop star—and now that we’ve all had a chance to process the return of said pop star, we can talk about that and all the other things that dropped today. It’s all very overwhelming.

Here are five big tunes to get into this weekend.


“Look What You Made Me Do” — Taylor Swift

Three years after 1989, one year after her most recent celeb feud, a few weeks after her boss lawsuit victory and a week after her social media blackout (which came to an end with a cryptic snake teaser), Taylor Swift is back with a new single. There’s no doubt T-Swift is one of the—if not the—most calculated artists in the game, and everything about this return has confirmed that. The song itself is…well, OK. But the not-so-subtle digs at Kanye West and those who consider her to be the aforementioned reptile, the shift into darker pop territory and her newly-adopted DGAF attitude (“the old Taylor is dead”) are definitely interesting developments in Swift’s ever-changing career. Whether or not you find the song any good, the associated symbolism and juicy conspiracy theories are reason enough to give it a few listens.


“Nothing To Find” — The War On Drugs

Adam Granduciel can do no wrong, as far as I’m concerned, so it’s only natural that his brand new album A Deeper Understanding is another damn masterpiece. Granduciel has again crafted a collection of vast, lush soundscapes and lyrical poetry that just beg to be blasted on the open road. This song, which folds licks of Springsteen and Dylan into his own brand of self-exploratory rock is a six-minute anthem that’s all-consuming.


“Sky Walker” — Miguel (feat. Travis Scott)

Two musical geniuses (IMHO) come together on Miguel’s psychedelic new tune, which comes two years after his brilliant third album Wildflower. The whole thing sounds like a hazy drive down Sunset Boulevard, with Miguel crooning effortlessly about “Luke Sky-walking on these haters” alongside La Flame’s velvety auto-tune (yeah!).


“He Like That” — Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony are back with their first album as a Camila Cabello-less foursome, and from the sounds of this song, they don’t seem to be struggling. Ditching their sassy pop formula, this midtempo joint uses echoey drumbeats and guitars to create a reggae-infused earworm that will leave you grasping for what’s left of summer.


“Take Me Away” — Daniel Caesar (feat. Syd)

Toronto’s R&B golden boy Daniel Caesar finally released his debut album Freudian today—a rich body of work that features appearances by Kali Uchis, Charlotte Day Wilson, The Internet’s Syd and more. The D’Angelo-reminiscent “Take Me Away” is one of the smoothest of the ridiculously soulful lot, which has caught the attention of super-celebs like Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner, who called Caesar “a legend in the making.”