Spotlight: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Check Out Maurice Moore

Maurice Moore

Maurice Moore may not be a household name just yet, but we’re warning you now; you do NOT want pass on this rising star.

Maurice is an upcoming artist from Ottawa who has been going back and forth between Canada and the U.S. recently, doing studio sessions and gigs. The 18-year-old, Ottawa-bred singer and songwriter has collaborated with a strong list of Grammy-nominated producers who have worked with Chris Brown, Down With Webster, Miguel and Drake, and hopefully, in due time, he will join those ranks too.

On January 12, 2014, he debuted his EP Paramount, which helped put his name on the map. This year, he has been going hard with new music that has been released exclusively through various R&B blogs.

Here are a few more reasons why you should take in this emerging artist.

1. He Is Multi-talented.

Not only does Maurice sing on his tracks, but he also raps — and the boy has some heavy bars. Vocally, he brings you in with his smooth, spotless falsetto notes. Maurice can sing his face off! He also writes his own songs (NBD)!

Back home in my natural state – NEW MUSIC SOON //: @wssm6

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2. He Knows R&B.

Although Maurice is just 18, he knows how to transform the essentials of old school R&B into new and refreshing tunes for the industry today.
Maurice Moore

3. He Is Down-To-Earth

When we interviewed Maurice, he just gave off an incredibly down-to-earth vibe. He’s super chill, humble, modest, and totally relatable. He is also very interactive with his supporters, making sure they feel appreciated on social networks. Maurice believes that, for an artist, “music is a reflection of who you are – your soul, your very essence. If people are connecting to that, they’re connecting with you on a deep, conscious level. So, for me, that’s the greatest feeling ever, honestly.”
Maurice Moore

4. He Is Working Hard Towards Killing The Game.

He knows who he is, being 18 and working this hard. He’s setting himself up to take over the industry. This year, he has performed at notable events like Grammy Week in L.A., Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and SXSW in Austin. Maurice has dropped three fire singles this year that are internet viral sensations (My Girl, LOL., and Rich). Check it out!

My Girl produced by BNJMN.

5. He Puts On For His City.

Like Drake puts on for The 6, Maurice puts on for the nation’s capital. We asked him how his hometown Ottawa helped influence the sound of his music and he replied, “Ottawa is the perfectly laid back but it still has a city feel to it, and that is really representative in my music. Mentally, I think I’m super laid back, but I know how to turn up when the time is right.” Now if only he can think of a catchy enough name for his hometown like Drizzy did for Toronto…
Maurice Moore

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Be sure to take Maurice in before it’s too late and we have to tell you “we told you so!”
Maurice Moore