Flosstradamus Share The Secret To Finding The Next Iggy Azalea


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Flosstradamus is on the road. The EDM duo made up of J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci) have a bad boy swagger that has solidified their spot as the guys you call if you want a party. The have also earned a lot of recognition as two guys who are one step ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to finding what it is cool. They are some of the first people to give Iggy Azalea a platform and they produced her song “Flexin & Finessin” in 2012.

When they came through Toronto on the Hdynation Tour, we had to find out their secret.

“Mainly where we find that stuff that really gets us amped is from our peers, a lot of other DJs, other producers. You always want to one up each other in a weird way… It’s almost like this weird competition bragging thing in a way,” Autobot said.

“As DJs back in the day you would actually dig records and if you had something that was rare it was like, it was a flex. You’re like, ‘Aw, I got this,'” J2K added. “Now, with MP3s you don’t have that kind of value so the rarity is really special. If you are like, ‘Yo I got this Iggy Azalea demo,’ it’s very rare, like no one has that or maybe like ten people have that.”

It is that music knowledge that has earned them their rabid fan base, Hdynation (Hoody Nation). Well, that and their hype. According to Flosstradamus, Hdynation members are defined by a few qualities.

“It’s kids that are just die hard about EDM, hip-hop music and just good music in general. They’ll come out to our shows. They’ll wear our merch and check us out but maybe the next day they’ll be at a Tiesto show or like at a Waka Flocka show the next day. All in all it is just people trying to spread a positive vibe, positive image. Just think positively and enjoy good music.”

Check out more from the interview below where the guys talk about being internet artists and moshing. Plus, they share their connection with Virgil Abloh, Kanye West’s creative director.

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