Listen To Francis And The Lights’ ‘My City’s Gone,’ Featuring Kanye


Francis and the Lights teamed up with Kanye West on the track “My City’s Gone” off their new album Farewell, Starlite! The contemporary pop/indie band dropped the album Saturday on their website.

The trippy auto-tune ballad is predominately Francis’ lingering vocals over a sombre piano back beat. Kanye makes his appearance towards the end of the track, providing a very melancholic 808s & Heartbreak-inspired auto tuned verse. This nostalgic Kanye beat complements the harmonious vocals of Francis. This isn’t the first time the duo have combined their talents—this past July, Ye starred in Francis’ music video for “Friends,” an early-released song off Farewell, Starlite!

The 10-track album features soft overtones by Bon Iver, who also worked alongside Francis and Ye on “Friends.”

Francis and the Lights might not be a household name yet, but his work as Francis Farewell Starlite (the producer) is extensive. He produced Chance The Rapper’s most recent album, Coloring Book, and track “Close to You” off Frank Ocean’s Blonde. His work also dates back to 2010, when he produced Drake’s song, “Karaoke,” off Thank Me Later.

Francis’ musical artistry is on the come up, and has received a lot of support from Chance The Rapper.

This past weekend, Francis and the Lights performed as the opening act at Chance’s Magnificent Coloring Day musical festival in Chicago, just minutes after dropping Farewell, Starlite! Yeezy also made a surprise guest appearance at the concert, before heading to his Saint Pablo show in Nashville.

Listen to “My City’s Gone” below.