There’s 2 Days Left In July—Where Is Frank Ocean’s Album?


In case you hadn’t already realized, there’s two days left in July and we still haven’t been given a Frank Ocean album. Feeling a little enraged? As we start our 48-hour countdown, let’s take a look at how our Boys Don’t Cry-void July has been looking thus far.

Calvin Klein Featuring Frank Ocean

Our hope was alive and so was Frank Ocean when he appeared in Calvin Klein’s #mycalvins video campaign on July 5. In the ad, Ocean gives us his definition of what music means to him with the incorporation of poetic stanzas and an artful mix of visuals.

A Frank Ocean…novel?

On July 9, a Reddit user claimed to have discovered information related to an Ocean novel and zine while looking through the source code on Calvin Klein’s website. The direct quote from the since-deleted source code read:

“He is known for being a perfectionist, and a pursuant of creativity in all forms. He resists pressure and follows his own vision. He has published a magazine and worked on a novel while continuing to perfect his highly anticipated second album.”

We don’t know why the user was looking through Calvin Klein’s website source code in their spare time, but word of an Ocean novel had us thinking of a thrilling Harry Potter-esque fiction about the misadventures of Ocean and his dog, Everest. Well, that or a poetically woke memoir.

While the novel news was all well and good, Ocean fans were still scratching their heads from the silence of unrelated music news.

Theophilus London Tweet

On July 11, rapper Theophilus London teased that we were, “all gonna eat soon,” in regards to Ocean’s album.

How long is “soon” for you, Theophilus London? We only have one meme for you.


And Here’s Everything Frank Ocean Has Said This July


Frank Ocean, why you always Julyin’? It’s about time you took a page out of Nike’s playbook and #JustDoIt. Release the album already! At this point, even if Boys Don’t Cry is horrible, we’re still going to listen to it on repeat. We’re just dying for new material.